Are Double Ovens Gas or Electric?

Oven knob

If you’re buying a double oven, be it a built-in or built-under oven, you may be wondering whether these ovens are gas or electric.

After all, buying a gas oven when you don’t have a gas supply for said oven can cause a lot of headaches. So, we’re looking at double ovens today and finding out whether they are gas or electric.

Double ovens can be gas or electric, and you can choose whichever type you like, as long as you have the right supply for that oven.

Many people enjoy cooking with gas, and having a built-in oven doesn’t mean that you have to convert to electric as there are plenty of gas double ovens available.

However, it does seem that electric double ovens are more popular. We aren’t too sure why electric double ovens are more popular. Still, it likely is because installing them is a bit easier. And if your home doesn’t have a gas supply, it is always easier to get an electric oven installed rather than a gas supply so that you can have a gas oven.

As we said, double ovens can be electric or gas, and the choice is yours as to which one you pick.

Double ovens are brilliant. Whether you are choosing a built-in or built-under, they add loads of style to your kitchen and make cooking really enjoyable.

If you do fancy buying a gas double oven and you currently have an electric one, it’s a good idea to see whether your home has a gas supply for your oven.

Laying gas pipe can be extremely expensive, way more than the cost of replacing an older electric double oven. Also, gas ovens and cookers may be phased out in the UK soon.

We hope this look at double ovens has been helpful. To find out about the best electric and gas double ovens in the UK right now, please explore our website further.

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