Best Mini Choppers (2022 UK)

Mini chopper

Mini choppers can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. If you love making pestos, sauces and soups from scratch, they can really speed up all of these and many other cooking tasks.

However, you really want to find the best mini chopper for your needs. You see, a lot of mini choppers on the market don’t have too many functions, so their uses are limited.

Thankfully, though, the choppers we have below may be small, but they pack a big chopping punch that makes them very versatile.

Best Mini Choppers in the UK

1. Ninja Professional Chopper

Ninja makes some really well designed and well-thought-out kitchen appliances that make cooking simple and easy. This professional chopper does exactly that. Firstly, it comes with two bowls, so you can chop and store what you’ve made right in the bowl. The bowls are also stackable, so they will fit in your fridge or your cupboard and not take up too much room.

Both of the stackable bowls can fit 500 ml too. This is enough room to make sauces, soups, even smoothies and more. Plus, this chopper is so easy to use. Just hold the button down, and it’ll chop. To pulse, just touch the button. It is that easy to quickly prep veg, create sauces and a great deal more.


2. KitchenAid Mini Chopper

When we first saw this KitchenAid mini chopper, we fell in love with the design. It looks wonderful, but it also packs a big punch when it comes to chopping as well. The stainless-steel blades make prepping veg, herbs, nuts and even coffee beans really easy. It is powerful enough to chop, dice and slice pretty much anything. Yet it is delicate enough to not destroy the flavours you are trying to savour.

This mini chopper comes in plenty of colours so you can match your kitchen décor perfectly. And it is small enough to have on your worktop all the time for everyday chopping, dicing and slicing tasks. But, with an 830 ml bowl, it is big enough to make plenty of whatever it is you’re experimenting with too.


3. Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper Food Processor

Well, the design of this mini chopper is striking, and we can’t decide whether you love the retro look of this mini food processor or if it belongs in the history books. We can say for sure that we love the price of this mini chopper and the power it has. A push of the button will chop and dice 150 g of food or blend 350 ml of liquid almost instantly.

This isn’t the largest mini chopper on this list, but a mini chopper should be small. However, for delicate and precise chopping and dicing tasks, this is great. It is ideal for making healthy baby food and perfect for creating herb and spice mixes. Plus, if your kitchen is small, this chopper is an ideal size for you.


4. Russell Hobbs 24662 Desire Mini Chopper

We have the predecessor to this mini chopper in our kitchen; I love it. The glass bowl is big enough for any sauces and herb mixes that we want to mix up. The blades are easily removable, and the plastic lid for the bowl is nice and secure during use.

I also like that the motor comes away from the bowl completely. This means you can add all your ingredients easily and then pop the motor on top and give it a pulse.

Now, there is a piece of stainless steel in the centre of this bowl; this keeps the blades in place while chopping. This can get in the way, but you do get used to stirring and avoiding it.

There are also some fins on the glass bowl. These are designed to force the food into the centre again so that you can continue chopping. They work great for this, but again, makes stirring tricky.


5. IMURZ Mini Chopper Electric Food Processor

This is a really interesting mini chopper, as it almost bridges the gap between a mini chopper and a food processor. It has a 2-litre stainless steel bowl, which is massive for a mini chopper. It also has four stainless steel blades, so it is super powerful, making it ideal for sauces and soups.

Now, this mini chopper does have a plastic lid, but because of the stainless-steel bowl, seeing into this is tricky. Also, because of the 500-watt motor and the four blades, it is very quick and easy to make sauces when you actually want to chop with this.

It is a great mini chopper and extremely powerful, but things can easily get saucier than you intended them to be with this one.


What Is a Mini Chopper?

We’re sure you’ve heard of a food processor, right? If not, check out our food processor article for more info about these valuable kitchen appliances. Well, a mini chopper is much like a food processor, but on a smaller scale.

They can be used for chopping, of course, and making prepping veg for any dish really simple. To cut the veg for the base of a pasta sauce, for example, is as easy as throwing everything into one of these and giving it a quick pulse.

However, mini choppers can also be used to make the sauce itself. You can chop the veg, add the tomato puree and chopped tomatoes, add your spices and herbs, and whizz all of this up into a perfect pasta sauce. All you need to do is then heat up your sauce, and you’re done.

You can also use a mini chopper to cut fruit and nuts and make a beautiful fruit salad. But why stop there? Keep the mini chopper running, and you have a wonderful puree or sorbet.

I use our mini chopper to make really easy pestos. You can really experiment with pestos in a mini chopper, and they make it so easy to get a wonderful pesto at the perfect consistency. They are also perfect for blending spices and herbs for rubs; your meat won’t know what hit it!

Mini choppers are ideal if you have a smaller kitchen but still want to prep food fast. However, these choppers also have a place in large kitchens too. They are extremely versatile, fantastically well priced, and will be a real asset in your kitchen for years to come.



We hope this look at mini choppers and the best available in the UK right now has been helpful. If we had to pick just one to recommend it would be the Ninja Professional Chopper as it is really well made and easy to use.

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