Best New Cookbooks (2019 UK)

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New cookbooks are released all the time. In this roundup, we’ve selected some of the top new cookbooks released in the UK in 2019.

Yes, you can find thousands of free recipes online, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned cookbook. They make great Christmas presents and are a good source of inspiration for home chefs.

There’s something for everyone in this list, from trendy modern vegan recipes to traditional British classics to interesting Indian dishes you won’t have tried before.

Let’s get into it.


1. Pinch of Nom: 100 Slimming, Home-style Recipes

This book caused a sensation when it was released in March 2019, becoming the fastest-selling non-fiction book since records began. The book sold 210,506 copies in the first three days after release, beating all other non-fiction books on record, including those from TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver.

Pinch of Nom originated as a Facebook page started by Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson, two former chefs who share recipes with a focus on helping people lose weight.

The 100 recipes in this book are designed to be “healthy recipes that don’t taste like diet food”. They include hearty and satisfying meals such as Beef Ragu Fettuccine and Cajun Bean Soup.

The photography is beautiful and the 100 recipes offer lot of variety, including 33 vegetarian recipes.

One common complaint is that the book doesn’t contain “Syn values” (a number used in Slimming World diet plans to help you avoid consuming too many higher calorie foods).  However, Pinch of Nom isn’t an official partner of Slimming World, so it’s not surprising Syn values aren’t included.


2. Vegan One Pound Meals

2019 was the year veganism went mainstream. Lots of stats show that the number of people following vegan diets has grown rapidly in the UK in the last 5 years.

As well as being better for the environment, following a vegan diet is also good for the pocket, as vegan protein sources are often much cheaper than meat.

This recipe book from Instagram star chef Miguel Barclay follows on from the success of his first book, One Pound Meals, which was released in 2017. It contains 85 recipes, including Mac & No Cheese, Black Bean Meatballs and Vegan Sausage Rolls.

Whether or not the meals actually cost you less than a pound to make depends a bit on where you shop, but there’s no doubt these recipes are cheaper to make than those in regular cookbooks that expect you to buy lots of obscure ingredients.

Like in Miguel Barclay’s other books, the recipes here are straightforward and easy to follow, so it’s an ideal book for busy people who want to make quick yet delicious meals.

This book offers lots of evidence that a vegan diet doesn’t need to be boring and doesn’t require a lot of hard-to-find meat alternatives.


3. Wagamama Feed Your Soul

Wagamama is probably the UK’s favourite Japanese restaurant chain. This collection of 70 nourishing and simple recipes offers Wagamama fans lovers a way to make their favourite dishes at home, including classics such as katsu curry, mushroom ramen and beef yakitori.

This book gives you helpful hints for adapting recipes to vegetarian versions and for substituting hard-to-find ingredients for more readily available options.

The recipes are easy to follow, and are accompanied by lots of beautiful photos. There isn’t any nutritional information included, but this isn’t a slimming cookbook anyway.

If you love eating at Wagamama and want to learn how to make the same kind of food at home, this book is perfect.


4. Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone

This cookery book accompanies Jamie Oliver’s Meat-Free Meals series broadcast on Channel 4. It could be a good book for vegetarians or those who are looking to go meat-free a few days a week for health or environmental reasons.

There are chapters on soups, curries, salads, pasta, rice and noodles, brunch and burgers. Recipes include lots of tasty dishes such as veg tagine, spiced parsnip soup and veggie pasties.

This is a big book with great full-page pictures and helpful nutritional information boxes. There’s a good variety of recipes in here, including many you probably haven’t tried before. It’s not just the old tried-and-tested vegetarian classics, so it’s great for spicing up (often literally!) your vegetarian diet.


5. Dishoom: From Bombay with Love

Dishoom: From Bombay with Love is more than a cookbook. It’s a cookbook, travel book, history book and photography book all in one.

Dishoom is a chain of Indian restaurants that pay homage to the Irani cafés that were once a staple of Bombay’s (now Mumbai) social and culinary life. This book explores that history through stunning photography as well as authentic recipes.

This book contains lots of the great recipes you’ll find at Dishoom restaurants, including Chicken Ruby, House Black Daal and Pineapple & Black Pepper Crumble.

One common criticism of this book is that it’s more of a travelogue/photography book than a cookbook. It’s true that the recipes aren’t the only focus, but if you want to learn about the historical and cultural background to what you’re cooking, the extra information and photos make this book more interesting than most other new cookbooks released this year.


6. The Fast 800 Recipe Book

Intermittent fasting is one of the hottest health trends at the moment. If you’re interested in integrating intermittent fasting into your lifestyle, this book of low-calorie Mediterranean-style recipes is a great asset.

You can make these meals on low-calorie days if you’re following the New 5:2 diet or when following Dr Michael Mosley’s 12-week Fast 800 programme for losing weight. Alternatively, you could just use it as a source of healthy Mediterranean recipes.

This cookbook contains a good variety of recipes to make following a low-calorie diet easier and more fun. Some recipes include Pearl Barley Risotto with Goats Cheese and Leeks, Roasted Vegetable Pasta with Mozzarella, and Falafel with Harissa Vegetables.


7. The Quick Roasting Tin

Many cookbooks go overboard with a huge list of ingredients and elaborate instructions. This makes it almost impossible to follow the recipes exactly unless you have a full day to go shopping and then cook. This book keeps it simple, with 75 recipes that can be prepared in 10 minutes (in theory) and cooked in 30 minutes in a single roasting tin.

The Quick Roasting Tin is the latest in a series of roasting tin cookbooks from food stylist Rukmini Iyer. The focus of this book is speed and simplicity. It might take a bit more than 10 minutes to prepare these recipes, but they are refreshingly simple and easy to follow.

This recipe book contains a good number of vegetarian recipes. However, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan you’ll prefer The Green Roasting Tin instead of this book.

The recipes in this book are divided into categories, for example “Worknight Dinners”, “Family Favourites” and “Date Night”.

There’s a good variety of recipes, including things such as Kerala Prawn Curry, Quick Meatball Pizza, and Sage and Wild Mushroom Tart.



As you can see, lots of great new cookbooks have been released in the last year. Pinch of Nom’s 100 Slimming, Home-style Recipes is the one everyone’s talking about, but the other books listed here are all interesting too.