Halogen hob

Halogen Hobs: Pros and Cons

Navigating the world of cooker hobs can be confusing. There are lots of different types available, all of which work slightly differently. In this article we’ll look at exactly what halogen hobs are, and their pros and cons compared to the alternatives.   What is a halogen hob? Halogen hobs are a type of electric …

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Kitchen with cooker hood

Are Cooker Hoods Necessary?

There’s an ongoing argument about cooker hoods. On the one hand, some people love cooker hoods and couldn’t imagine their kitchen without one. On the other hand, some people think cooker hoods are ugly and expensive, and wonder if they are really essential. So, are cooker hoods necessary? Are they a legal requirement? Let’s find …

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Cooker hood

Cooker Hoods Explained

Cooker hoods are designed to remove smoke, smells and airborne grease from your kitchen to keep it fresh. They all have different features; some are more efficient and certain ones will also remove steam, so it’s important you make the right choice. Here’s how. Choosing the Most Appropriate Type If you’re designing a new kitchen, …

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Leeks in a pan

Which Cookware Materials are the Safest and Healthiest?

The department store lights beam brightly down into the cookware aisle. You can feel beads of sweat forming on your forehead as all the large boxes of cookware sets loom down on you from the shelves, and you realize you are fully unprepared for this purchase. Which do you choose? Words like “leaching,” “chemicals,” and …

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Chef's knife on a chopping board

How to Choose a Chef’s Knife

There’s no single best chef’s knife that will suit everyone. Choosing a chef’s knife is a very personal thing, and a knife that feels good to you might not feel right for someone else. Here are some tips on finding the right chef’s knife for you. Things to consider when choosing a chef’s knife Your …

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