What Is the Difference Between a Potato Masher and a Ricer?

Potato ricers and potato mashers are some of the most hotly debated kitchen utensils in the world.

What is the difference between a masher and a ricer? Which do I need? Do I like mashed potato enough to be reading articles about potato mashers and ricers online?

If you are reading this potato utensil article, then we have answered one of your questions already. So, let’s answer the rest, shall we?


What Is the Difference Between a Potato Ricer and a Potato Masher?

A potato masher is the standard, go-to utensil to mash potatoes with. It is used to crush potatoes, but can also be used to mash or crush beans and peas and many other things too.

We’re sure you all know what a potato masher looks like, they are either made of plastic or metal and do a good job at mashing potatoes.

A potato ricer looks more like a garlic press, only bigger. Instead of taking this masher to your potatoes, you put the potatoes in the ricer and then press them out of tiny holes (often the size of a grain of rice).

This means that mashed potato passed through a potato ricer is often much smooth and has fewer clumps and lumps than potatoes from a masher. Unless you put in a lot of work with your potato masher, of course.

Potato masher

There isn’t much difference between a potato masher and a ricer, to be honest. It is simply that a ricer makes achieving smooth mash potato easier.

Some people prefer the smoothness of the potatoes from a ricer, and others don’t mind a few lumps here and there or the elbow grease required to get smooth potatoes with a masher.

If you do want incredibly smooth mashed potatoes, try a ricer, you’ll be glad you did. If you just want a simple tool for mashing potatoes and aren’t too worried about how smooth they are, a masher is a great choice.

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