What Is the Purpose of a Potato Ricer?

Potato ricer

Cookware and kitchen utensils can be quite confusing, even for the more seasoned home cooks out there. Ever wondered if your kitchen is in desperate need of a potato ricer? Well, you’re reading the right article.

Below we’re going to talk about potato ricers find out exactly what they are and whether your kitchen needs one!


What Is a Potato Ricer?

A potato ricer, also known simply as a ricer, is used to make incredible mashed potato.

A ricer looks a bit like a garlic press only bigger, and it works the same way. Just pop some boiled potatoes into the potato ricer, close the press and squeeze.

This process pushes potato out of tiny holes (often the same size as a grain of rice, hence the name) and leaves you with some of the smoothest mashed potato you have ever tried!

So, that is what a potato ricer is, but do you really need one?


Do I Need a Potato Ricer?

potato masher can create mashed potato very easily and quickly. Still, unless you’re willing to work that masher for a while, that mashed potato can often be lumpy and clumpy.

You may like lumpy mashed potato, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to make smooth mashed potato (and make it very easily), a potato ricer is the best tool for the job.

With very little effort, you can have smooth and delicious potato that looks exactly like it does in a restaurant.

Trying to take your cooking to another level? Give a potato ricer a try. Firstly, making mashed potato with one requires a lot less elbow-grease, and your mashed potato looks and tastes much classier.

If you love cooking, a potato ricer can help you take your cooking to the next step.

So, no you certainly don’t need a potato ricer if you already have a masher, but it makes mashing potatoes really quick and simple and ensures that it is as smooth as silk too.

We hope this look at potato ricers has been helpful. For more information about other cookware and utensils, please explore Chef’s Pick further.