Cooker with hood

Quietest Cooker Hoods (2019 UK)

A lot of cooker hoods produce a noise that makes it sound like there’s a jumbo jet in your kitchen. This is hardly ideal when you want to have a quiet evening! We put up with this noise because it’s better than letting the smell of fried mackerel make our home uninhabitable. Cooker hoods are …

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Chef's Knife

Zelite Infinity vs. Wusthof

If you are the chef of the family, you need a knife that’s going to help you prepare meals quickly. This knife needs to hold an edge, cut quickly and precisely and be enjoyable to use. Finding this type of knife is not always easy, but the two knives below may well fit the bill …

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Cooker hood

Cooker Hoods Explained

Cooker hoods are designed to remove smoke, smells and airborne grease from your kitchen to keep it fresh. They all have different features; some are more efficient and certain ones will also remove steam, so it’s important you make the right choice. Here’s how. Choosing the Most Appropriate Type If you’re designing a new kitchen, …

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Gas cooker

Top 10 Gas Cookers (2018 UK)

Gas cookers are a great addition to any kitchen. They heat up quickly, offer some excellent control when cooking and are perfect for anyone serious about making meals. Of course, we’re sure you already know that though. Most people who are looking for a gas cooker are replacing an older gas cooker. Once you have …

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