Do Induction Hobs Scratch Easily

Do Induction Hobs Scratch Easily?

If you’re considering adding an induction hob to your cooking toolkit, you may be wondering what an induction hob is like to live with. One of the cooking-related questions about induction hobs that comes up all the time is whether they scratch easily or not. Today, we’re finding out whether induction hobs do scratch easily …

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Induction Hob

How to Use an Induction Hob

Many first-time induction hob users can find using their new hob a bit confusing and overwhelming. Induction hobs are a fantastic piece of kitchen technology that provides amazing control of temperatures, and they heat up incredibly fast too. However, if you don’t know how to use an induction hob, you can’t take advantage of this …

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Pan on electric hob

Best Gas Hobs in the UK

Most home chefs prefer gas hobs as they offer instant heat and instant control of the cooking temperature. Electric hobs can be a pain, as you have to wait for them to heat up, and then wait for them to cool down again as your pan boils over. Gas hobs may be falling out of …

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