Woman looking under hob in kitchen

What Is a Hob Separator Plate?

When buying an induction hob, or any hob, for that matter, there can be a few items that cause headaches for even the most seasoned amateur kitchen designer. One of these items is a hob separator plate. What is it, why do you need this plate and can you live without a hob separator plate? …

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Induction hob on kitchen countertop with oven underneath

Best Induction Hobs (2020 UK)

If you are redesigning your kitchen or just need a new hob, you may be very tempted by an induction hob. Induction hobs provide an unparalleled cooking experience. They are as fast as gas, more controllable than electric, really stylish and extremely versatile too. But we have loads of articles telling you about how amazing …

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Induction hob in modern kitchen

How Long Do Induction Hobs Last?

If you’re considering buying an induction hob, there are a lot of questions to answer. An induction hob is a significant investment. While many people swear by these types of hobs and love them, it can be a big risk to invest in an induction hob when you aren’t sure how long it will last. …

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