Can You Get an Induction Hob with a Gas Burner?

Gas burner on hob

You may be worried that your new induction hob won’t work with the pans that you love to use.

Well, one solution could be to buy an induction hob with a gas burner. But is there such a thing? Well, yes, actually.

It’s hard to find an induction hob with a gas burner, but there is at least one on the market, which we’ll show you below. We’ll also go over the pros and cons about using a hob like this.


AEG HD955100NB 88cm Induction Hob with Gas Burner

AEG HD955100NB 88cm Induction Hob

The AEG HD955100NB (available here on is the only induction hob with a gas burner we could find available in the UK right now.

AEG has been a pioneer in the kitchen for many years, and this induction hob with a gas burner is another pioneering product.

On this hob, you have four induction zones, all easily controllably with the touch screen display. And then there is a single gas burner with a dial control. All of which are set into the beautiful, black ceramic glass top.

This hob is just as sleek as any other induction hob, but with the handy addition of the gas burner, you can use any pot or pan you have.

You aren’t restricted to using commonly sized pans on the induction zones. You can use just about any cookware on this hob, so it is much more versatile than a regular hob, but should you buy it?


Should You Buy an Induction Hob with a Gas Burner?

If you are worried about your untraditionally shaped pots and pans not working on an induction hob, it is worth mentioning that there are other styles of induction hobs available.

You can now buy induction hobs that don’t have zones. Instead, they use bridges between the zones to allow you to place pans anywhere on the surface, and it will heat up.

So, for larger and smaller pans, these hobs can be ideal. Of course, they won’t help with things like woks, although you can buy wok adaptors that work with most induction hobs.

Whether this hob with the additional gas burner is right for you greatly depends on what you love to cook.

If you do use woks and paella pans a lot, then this could be the perfect solution for you.

However, if you are simply worried that your current pots and pans won’t work on induction, then you can easily check whether or not this will be an issue.

Grab a fridge magnet and place it on the bottom of your pots and pans. If it sticks, they’ll work on an induction hob.

If they won’t work, maybe having the gas burner will be beneficial. However, you can buy adaptors to make any pan work on a normal induction hob too.

So, if the gas burner is going to further your cooking and allow you to use uncommon sizes and shapes of pot and pan, then, by all means, go for this one.

However, there are other options that may be worth exploring before investing in this hob.


What Are the Benefits of Having a Gas Burner on an Induction Hob?

Induction hobs can be funny when it comes to funny shaped pots, pans and woks. If you have a traditional round-bottomed wok, you won’t be able to use this on your induction hob, unless you fork out for a hob that has a dedicated wok ring.

Or, if you love using tiny frying pans or saucepans, or giant paella pans, they may not work on the induction hob zones either.

This is where the gas burner can come in handy. You can use the induction hob zones for all your conventionally sized saucepans and frying pans, and then whip out the gas burner for those odd-shaped pans.

You can also use all of your pans that don’t have a ferrous base on the gas hob too. So, there is no need to get rid of your old saucepans.


The Downsides of Buying an Induction Hob with a Gas Burner

One of the biggest downsides of an induction hob with a gas burner is that you’ll need an electric and a gas connection for it to work. This is fine if both connections are already set up in your home, but chances are they aren’t.

If you have a gas stove already, you’ll likely need to add an electrical cooker connection. And if you have the electrical cooker connection, you’ll likely need to add a gas one.

Both of these can cost hundreds of pounds to install, and you need to use a professional electrician or gas safe engineer.

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