Top 10 Best Gas Cookers in the UK

Gas cooker

Gas cookers are a great addition to any kitchen. They heat up quickly, offer some excellent control when cooking and are perfect for anyone serious about making meals.

Of course, we’re sure you already know that though. Most people who are looking for a gas cooker are replacing an older gas cooker.

Once you have cooked with gas, it can be quite a culture-shock to replace it with an electric cooker.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 best gas cookers in the UK! These are all freestanding cookers.

1. Hotpoint Ultima HUG61X 60 cm Gas Cooker

Hotpoint Ultima HUG61X 60 cm Gas Cooker

This Hotpoint gas cooker offers quite a lot of cooking space: the main oven is 77 litres while the top oven offers 32 litres.

This is a massive amount of space that when utilised right, can be used to prepared even the largest family meal.

However, if you would like to cook a smaller meal and save gas, you can too. The grill can be used either full width or half width, depending on the size of the meal you are having. This means that you can save on gas and still get a tasty meal!

You also have the advantage of the catalytic liners on this gas cooker, and so you can enjoy easy cleaning. You also have a very accurate timer, lovely styling and enhanced safety features like automatic ignition.

Some people have noticed that ignition is slower on this because of the safety features, but slightly slower ignition is a small price to pay for the safety of your family!

If you have a modern kitchen you need a modern cooker, and this Hotpoint is modern in every way possible! It looks great, works great and its safety is great too!


2. Hotpoint HAG60K 60 cm Gas Cooker

Hotpoint HAG60K 60 cm Gas Cooker

The main oven of this gas cooker features a catalytic lining which offers very easy cleaning compared to other oven linings.

This liner absorbs a lot of the grease and fat from the cooking process and then uses the heat of the oven to break it down.

This makes it is very easy to avoid a nasty build-up of grime and saves you loads of time on your hands and knees cleaning the oven.

The bottom oven alone has a capacity of 77 litres. A massive space to cook any family meal. Plus, the 4 gas burners on top can be used for any boiling or frying tasks you may have.

You can also have total control with the minute minder timer. So, whether you are baking a cake or cooking a complex meal, you’ll never burn a thing.

This gas cooker from Hotpoint is perfect for a busy family that loves to cook.


3. Hotpoint Ultima HAG60P Gas Cooker

Hotpoint’s Ultima is the best gas cooker for those who need something simple and straightforward to use. Available in a variety of colurs, you’ll be able to find the perfect design to match your kitchen.

Boasting a double oven and grill, you’ll have plenty of space to cook a variety of meals for the family. And the 4-burner gas hob on top makes it easy for you to fry and boil away!

Whilst the enamel pan supports make it easy to clean, they aren’t very steady so you will need to take extra care with pots on the top.


4. Cannon by Hotpoint CH60GCIK 60cm

This cooker has two ovens. The main oven has 77 litres of space, while the second oven (which also features a grill) is 32 litres.

The hob on this cooker has four burners in two different sizes. One of the best things about this cooker is how easy it is to remove and clean the hob burner rings.

The Cannon CH60GCIK has a very sleek black design and feels well made, though it’s a bit more expensive than some of the alternatives.

There isn’t much to complain about with this cooker. Overall, the Cannon CH60GCIK performs very well and could be a great addition to any home kitchen.


5. Indesit ID60G2W Gas Cooker

Created by Indesit, this is the best budget gas cooker that still offers great value for money. With a 57-litre capacity, you’ll have ample room for all of your favourite feasts. You’re free to make as much mess as possible with the easy-clean enamel interior, which makes it remarkably simple to wipe down.

Thanks to the handy minute minder you can focus on other areas of your life, whilst ensuring that your food cooks for the correct amount of time. However, the maximum timer is 99 minutes so if you’re prone to longer cooking sessions this isn’t as useful.

A word of warning for those with small children, when in use for long periods the dials can become quite hot to the touch – so be sure to take extra care.


6. Hotpoint DSG60K 60 cm Gas Cooker

Another fantastic product from Hotpoint is this classic black gas cooker, which compliments a modern kitchen aesthetic. Designed with simplicity in mind, cooking is extremely simple with an extraordinarily small learning curve.

Cleaning is also made easy due to the catalytic coating within the oven, which breaks down food stuck to the surface above 200 degrees.
The integrated hob lid serves multiple purposes, acting as both a splashback to protect your walls and a convenient surface to create more space when closed.

However, the knob symbols are quite low down which can provoke a lot of bending to read, so this probably isn’t the best gas cooker for those with back problems.


7. Indesit ID60G2K 60 cm Gas Cooker

This is another gas cooker by Indesit that offers incredible value for money. With a generous 113 litre capacity, it’s the perfect solution for those who need the space to make meals for the whole family with ease.

Even cleaning is painless with this cooker, as the enamel liners feature in both compartments to prevent food from burning onto the side of the oven. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth when safe!

The glass lid on top is a nice added feature, which keeps your kitchen looking clean and tidy when not in use.

However, the pan supports are prone to sliding, so be sure to tread lightly when using the hob.


8. Kenwood CK234DF SL 60 cm

The Kenwood CK234DF SL 60 cm is a dual fuel cooker that combines the convenience of gas hobs with the precision of two electric cookers.

If you’re into Asian cooking, the Kenwood CK234DF SL is ideal as it has a triple-ring wok burner with a cast-iron wok support to keep your wok in place.

One nice touch is that you can remove the glass from both oven doors to clean them more easily. This cooker also has useful timer and alarm functions.

This cooker is relatively pricey, but it’s packed full of great features. It looks the business and feels like it’s built to last.

However, the pan supports are prone to sliding, so be sure to tread lightly when using the hob.


9. Beko KA52NEW 50cm Gas Cooker

Beko KA52NEW 50cm Gas Cooker

This white gas cooker from Beko will add a fashionable touch to your kitchen, with an eye-level grill for those who are tired of endless bending down.

It’s also ideal for the elderly, or anybody with painful physical conditions. Also, the internal light and glass door of the oven are extremely helpful to monitor what’s going on inside.

Keep your cooking utensils out of sight in the storage tray at the bottom to maintain tidiness. For those who spend a lot of time using the oven, the A Rated efficiency attribute will keep your energy costs low.

However, if you’re cooking in larger quantities, at 50cm wide it’s probably a bit too small for long term use.


10. Beko KDG581W 50cm Gas Cooker

If you’re looking for a simple yet great value oven for straight forward cooking requirements, this black gas cooker from Beko is the best option. With two separate spaces for oven and grill, you have plenty of room to create your favourite meals.

The cooker itself is only 50 cm across, with a capacity of 61 litres, making it ideal for smaller living spaces like mobile homes or campervans.

Safety features are also in place to automatically turn off the gas if not ignited within a few seconds, or if the flame is extinguished by drafts.

Whilst the cooker does have a lot to offer, it’s definitely suited to those with more compact cooking requirements.


Gas Cooker Glossary

Here’s a quick explanation of the main technical terms you will come across when researching which gas cooker to buy.

  • 13 Amp plug – Most gas cookers in the UK will use a 13 Amp plug. This is just a regular UK plug with a 13 Amp fuse. In the UK, 13 Amp fuses are used for devices with a wattage above 700 watts (such as cookers and washing machines), while 3 Amp fuses are used for devices with a wattage below 700 watts (such as televisions).
  • Catalytic lining – Catalytic liners are layers that coat the walls of an oven. They are usually made from ceramics. They trap grease and other cooking debris and allow it to be burnt off when the temperature in the oven goes over 200 degrees Celsius. This means you don’t need to manually clean the grease from the walls of the oven, as it simply burns away instead.
  • Cavity – When it comes to cookers, ‘cavity’ simply refers to the space inside the oven. The size of an oven is usually given in litres (the amount of liquid an oven could theoretically hold). In double ovens, the large oven might be referred to as the ‘main cavity’ and the smaller one might be referred to as the ‘second cavity’.
  • Double oven – A double oven is a cooker that has two oven compartments. This can be useful if you’re cooking a dish that requires things to be cooked at different temperatures, or if you want to bake something for dessert while cooking a main.
  • Dual fuel – A dual fuel cooker combines gas hobs with an electric fan oven. Lots of people prefer gas hobs as you don’t have to wait for them to heat up and you have much more control the heat. One advantage of electric fan cookers over gas cookers is that you can set the temperature more precisely and have the same temperature in all parts of the cooker.


Cooker Dimensions Explained

Normally the size of a cooker is given by the width. The most common sizes of gas cookers are:

  • 50 cm – A good choice for narrow spaces.
  • 55 cm – This is quite a rare size, but some 55-cm models are available.
  • 60 cm – The most common width of a gas cooker.

The size of ovens is given in litres. While obviously you wouldn’t fill an oven with liquid, using litres helps you to visualise the amount of space inside.

The average gas cooker will have a capacity of about 60-70 litres in the main oven. Bigger ovens are over 80 litres, whereas small ovens are around 50 litres.



We hope this look at the best gas cookers in the UK has been helpful in your quest to find your next gas cooker. If we had to pick just one product to recommend it would be the Hotpoint Ultima HUG61X. It’s a very popular and reasonably priced cooker with hundreds of positive reviews from buyers, so you’re unlikely to regret choosing it.