Top 10 Best Gas Cookers in the UK (2024)

Gas cooker

Gas cookers are a great addition to any kitchen. They heat up quickly, offer some excellent control when cooking and are perfect for anyone serious about making meals.

Of course, we’re sure you already know that though. Most people who are looking for a gas cooker are replacing an older gas cooker.

Once you have cooked with gas, it can be quite a culture-shock to replace it with an electric cooker.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 best gas cookers in the UK!


Best Gas Cookers in the UK

1. Hotpoint HD5G00CCBK/UK

Hotpoint HD5G00CCBK UK

Energy rating: A+/A
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 50 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

This stylish black gas cooker from Hotpoint is a reasonably priced and very easy to use.

It features two ovens, with capacities of 69 litres and 32 litres. Both ovens have lights, and the smaller oven also has a grill function.

It has some good safety features such as automatic safety shut-off, and is easy to light using buttons rather than matches.

Cleaning the oven is easy too, thanks to the catalytic liners which mean you can just wipe the interior down rather than scrubbing it for hours!

The HD5G00CCBK/UK is a slimline model, at 50 cm wide rather than the standard 60 cm, so it could be a good choice for a smaller space.

This cooker offers great performance for the price. It looks and feels well-made and is highly rated by most users.


2. Beko KDG611K

Beko KDG611K 60 cm Gas Cooker

Energy rating: A+/A
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 60 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

The Beko KDG611K has two ovens. The main oven has a capacity of 72 litres while the second oven has a capacity of 32 litres and also features a grill function. On the hob you have four gas burners: two standard burners plus a rapid heat burner and an auxiliary burner for keeping things warm.

This cooker is easy to use and easy to clean. However, the ovens can take a long time to ignite. The oven cavities also aren’t very deep, so sometimes regular-sized roasting tins and trays don’t fit.

The Beko KDG611K is mid-priced and feels sturdy and well made.


3. Leisure Gourmet GRB6GVK 

Leisure Gourmet GRB6GVK gas cooker

Energy rating: A+/A
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 60 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

The Leisure Gourmet GRB6GVK offers traditional cooking with a main conventional oven and a second oven with a grill function.

With a 78-litre capacity and stay-clean liners, it suits larger households and is easy to clean.

The 4-burner hob provides instant heat and plenty of pan space.

Users praise this cooker for its sturdy build, efficient burners and grill, easy operation, and aesthetic appeal.

However, some people find that the grill takes a long time to work.

Overall, the Leisure Gourmet gas cooker is a good choice for those seeking a reliable and stylish addition to their kitchen.


4. Stoves Sterling STERLING600G

Stoves Sterling STERLING600G

Energy rating: A/A
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 60 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

This gas cooker from Stoves could add a touch of class to your kitchen. Stoves are a British company best known for their stylish range cookers, and this 60-cm-wide brings some of the feel of a range cooker without taking up as much space (or costing as much!).

The main cavity has a capacity of 70 litres, while the second oven has a capacity of 27 litres and also features a grill.

This cooker is expensive, but it feels luxurious and well made. You can expect it to last a long time, so it can be considered an investment.

It’s very easy to clean, and most users find it gives great results when cooking and baking.


5. Beko KDG580W

Beko KDG580W Gas Cooker

Energy rating: A+
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 50 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

If you’re looking for a simple yet great value oven for straight forward cooking requirements, this white gas cooker from Beko is a great option. With two separate spaces for oven and grill, you have plenty of room to create your favourite meals.

The cooker itself is only 50 cm across, which is relatively narrow. The main cavity has a capacity of 61 litres.

Safety features are also in place to automatically turn off the gas if not ignited within a few seconds, or if the flame is extinguished by drafts.

Whilst the cooker does have a lot to offer, it’s definitely suited to those with more compact cooking requirements.


6. Indesit ID67G0MCW/UK

Indesit ID67G0MCW UK Gas Cooker

Energy rating: A+/A+
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 60 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

This reasonably priced cooker from Indesit boasts an impressive 85-litre capacity in the main oven cavity, so you will have plenty of space for cooking large dishes. The size of the second capacity is respectable too at 42 litres, and features a grill function.

As well as the size, another great thing about this oven is that it’s economical and energy efficient, with an A+ rating for both ovens.

The Indesit ID67G0MCW/UK is easy to use and also easy to clean thanks to the enamel coating that you can wipe down. The oven glass is removable, making cleaning it much easier.

One minor inconvenience is that this cooker only comes with two oven shelves (one for each oven cavity), but you can order more if you need to.


7. Belling Farmhouse60G

Belling Farmhouse60G 60cm Gas Cooker

Energy rating: A+/A
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 60 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

The Belling Farmhouse60G has a similar feel to Belling’s larger Farmhouse range cooker models, but is the size of a regular cooker.

It features two ovens, the largest of which has a capacity of 69 litres and is conventional rather than fan assisted. The second oven features a grill feature and has a capacity of 39 litres.

One thing many users like about this oven is that it heats up quickly and can get very hot, so it can be great for things like baking.

The stylish black hob top has strong cast-iron pan supports that don’t let your pans slip. There’s also a wok burner, which is great for stir-frys or any other kinds of dish where you need some quick, intense heat.

This cooker is expensive, but most people find that it feels very well made.


8. Zanussi ZCG63260XE

Zanussi ZCG63260XE Gas Cooker

Energy rating: A/A
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 60 cm deep x 60 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

This stylish cooker from Zanussi is has a big capacity in the main oven cavity (83 litres).

The second oven has a capacity of 36 litres and also features a grill. One unusual thing about it is that the grill is electric, even though both ovens are gas.

On the hob you’ll find four burners, one of which is a triple-crown burner (like a wok burner) that can be used when you need some intense heat.

The insides of the ovens are easy to clean thanks to the catalytic lining. This absorbs grease and will then burn it at a high temperature, so all you need to do is wipe the surface down.

One thing that some users find annoying is that the grill pan doesn’t have a handle, so you’ll need to use oven gloves or something similar when removing it.


9. Beko KA52NES

Beko KA52NES gas cooker

Energy rating: A
Dimensions: 146 cm high x 60 cm deep x 50 cm wide
Number of ovens: 1

The Beko KA52NES features 62-litre oven with an eye-level grill. The oven is a conventional oven rather than a fan oven, so it’s a good choice for people who prefer more traditional cookers.

This freestanding cooker has an eye-level grill, which is quite rare in cookers these days. It’s great for grilling and toasting without having to bend down.

At just 50 cm wide, this cooker is quite narrow, which is worth bearing in mind before purchasing.  Usually, kitchens are designed to accommodate 60 cm appliances, so there might be a gap either side if you choose a 50 cm cooker.

The 62-litre single oven is spacious, so you can easily cook a large roast. However, some people prefer the flexibility of having two ovens.


10. Kenwood CK234DF SL

Energy rating: A
Dimensions: 91 cm high x 60 cm deep x 59.8 cm wide
Number of ovens: 2

The Kenwood CK234DF SL 60 cm is a dual fuel cooker that combines the convenience of gas hobs with the precision of two electric cookers.

If you’re into Asian cooking, the Kenwood CK234DF SL is ideal as it has a triple-ring wok burner with a cast-iron wok support to keep your wok in place.

One nice touch is that you can remove the glass from both oven doors to clean them more easily. This cooker also has useful timer and alarm functions.

This cooker is relatively pricey, but it’s packed full of great features. It looks the business and feels like it’s built to last.

However, the pan supports are prone to sliding, so be sure to tread lightly when using the hob.



Things to Consider When Choosing a Gas Cooker

If you’re thinking about buying a new gas cooker, there are some important things to consider to make sure you pick the best product for your needs.

Consider these things before buying a gas cooker:

Dimensions and capacity

Most gas cookers measure roughly 90 cm high by 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep. However, some models are 55 or 50 cm wide. Measure your space and make sure the cooker you choose will fit before you buy it!

Most gas cookers on the market right now have two oven cavities—a main oven at the bottom and a smaller oven at the top. The capacity is given in litres. The main oven usually has a capacity of around 60-70 litres.

If you’d like something bigger than a regular cooker, with more hob burners and more oven space, you could look into getting a range cooker rather than a regular cooker.

Number and type of burners

On the hob of a gas cooker, you’ll usually find four burners. Sometimes they are all different sizes, whereas other times two or more burners are the same size.

Some gas cookers have a wok burner or a triple-crown burner, which can be used for blasting pans with intense heat. This can be useful for things like stir-frys or when you need to boil a pan of water quickly.

Ease of cleaning

A lot of modern gas cookers have special design features to make them easier to clean than ovens used to be.

Look out for things like catalytic liners, which absorb grease and then burn it off at high temperatures, taking the hard work out of cleaning for you.

Safety features

Most gas cookers these days come with some good safety features such as automatic shut-off to help prevent fires and gas leaks.


At the time of writing, most gas cookers in the UK cost between about £350 and £500.

There are some budget models from brands such as Currys Essentials for less than £300, while high-end models from brands such as Stoves and Belling can cost around £1000.

Energy efficiency and running costs

Gas cookers usually have two energy ratings: one for the main oven and one for the second oven. The most common ratings are A+/A and A/A, though the most energy efficient models have a rating of A+/A+.

One way to get a better idea of how one cooker compares to another is to look in their product descriptions for each oven cavity’s energy usage per cycle. This will give you more detail than the energy rating.

Gas cooker in kitchen

Gas Cooker Glossary

Here’s a quick explanation of the main technical terms you will come across when researching which gas cooker to buy.

  • 13 Amp plug – Most gas cookers in the UK will use a 13 Amp plug. This is just a regular UK plug with a 13 Amp fuse. In the UK, 13 Amp fuses are used for devices with a wattage above 700 watts (such as cookers and washing machines), while 3 Amp fuses are used for devices with a wattage below 700 watts (such as televisions).
  • Catalytic lining – Catalytic liners are layers that coat the walls of an oven. They are usually made from ceramics. They trap grease and other cooking debris and allow it to be burnt off when the temperature in the oven goes over 200 degrees Celsius. This means you don’t need to manually clean the grease from the walls of the oven, as it simply burns away instead.
  • Cavity – When it comes to cookers, ‘cavity’ simply refers to the space inside the oven. The size of an oven is usually given in litres (the amount of liquid an oven could theoretically hold). In double ovens, the large oven might be referred to as the ‘main cavity’ and the smaller one might be referred to as the ‘second cavity’.
  • Double oven – A double oven is a cooker that has two oven compartments. This can be useful if you’re cooking a dish that requires things to be cooked at different temperatures, or if you want to bake something for dessert while cooking a main.
  • Dual fuel – A dual fuel cooker combines gas hobs with an electric fan oven. Lots of people prefer gas hobs as you don’t have to wait for them to heat up and you have much more control the heat. One advantage of electric fan cookers over gas cookers is that you can set the temperature more precisely and have the same temperature in all parts of the cooker.


Cooker Dimensions Explained

Normally the size of a cooker is given by the width. The most common sizes of gas cookers are:

  • 50 cm – A good choice for narrow spaces.
  • 55 cm – This is quite a rare size, but some 55-cm models are available.
  • 60 cm – The most common width of a gas cooker.

The size of ovens is given in litres. While obviously you wouldn’t fill an oven with liquid, using litres helps you to visualise the amount of space inside.

The average gas cooker will have a capacity of about 60-70 litres in the main oven. Bigger ovens are over 80 litres, whereas small ovens are around 50 litres.

Installing a gas cooker


FAQs on Gas Cookers

Are gas cookers being phased out?

The UK government have discussed the possibility of phasing gas cookers out at some point in the future. However, there is no official plan to phase gas cookers out yet as far as we are aware.

Gas cookers are still being made and sold, and there’s no reason to believe they will be phased out soon.

Are gas cookers cheaper to run than electric cookers?

At the time of writing, gas ovens (and therefore gas cookers) are cheaper to run than electric ovens. This isn’t because they are more energy efficient, but rather because gas prices are substantially lower than electricity prices. This means that even though they use more energy per use, they still work out cheaper to run.

Are gas cookers safe to use?

As long as you use it carefully, a gas cooker should generally be safe to use, especially since modern models typically come with several safety features.

However, gas cookers do present a few health and safety concerns that make them potentially less safe than electric cookers.

Gas hobs can present a fire risk, as something could catch fire on the flame. This wouldn’t happen with an induction hob, for example, as induction hobs don’t have a flame and only heat magnetic things places directly over them.

There are also concerns about gas cookers’ impacts on indoor air quality. A 2022 study in California found that gas stoves leak benzene, creating a similar level of benzene in the home to what you’d in second-hand cigarette smoke.

There are also cases where certain models of gas cooker are found to be unsafe and require modification or recalling from the market.

In November 2022, Belling, Stoves and New World confirmed that several of their gas cookers had been found to be unsafe and posed a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The brands’ parent company Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA) agreed to visit every home with one of the affected models in order to implement a technical modification to make them safe.



We hope this look at the best gas cookers in the UK has been helpful in your quest to find your next gas cooker. If we had to pick just one product to recommend it would be Hotpoint HD5G00CCBK/UK. It’s a stylish, popular and reasonably priced cooker with loads of positive reviews from buyers, so you’re unlikely to regret choosing it.

Bear in mind that it’s a slimline cooker at just 50 cm wide, so it could be great for a small gap but might be smaller than you’re expecting if you want something the standard width.