Best Range Cookers Under £1,000 (UK)

Range cooker

Range cookers are large cookers that feature multiple ovens and more hob space than regular cookers.

They are usually between 90 and 110 cm wide, so they’re at least 30 cm wider than a standard oven.

Some of the advantages of range cookers include the following:

  • More space – You can cook for more people as you have more oven and hob space. This makes range cookers a great choice for social gatherings. They’re also great if you’re cooking complicated dishes and need to keep things warm until you’re ready to plate up.
  • Versatility – Range cookers often include extra features you won’t find in regular cookers such as a wok burner.

Range cookers can be categorised by the type of fuel they use:

  • Gas – Gas range cookers use gas for the oven(s), hob and grill.
  • Electric – Electric range cookers use electric for the oven(s), hob and grill.
  • Dual fuel – Dual fuel range cookers combine gas and electric. Usually, electric is used for the ovens and grill, while gas is used for the hob.

The cheapest range cookers on the market at the time of writing cost around £600, while the most expensive cost over £4,000.

Several models are available for less than £1,000. We’ve listed some of the best in this price range in this article.


Best Range Cookers Under £1,000

1. Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Width: 90 cm
Fuel type: Dual

Belling’s SANDRINGHAM dual fuel cooker is the best cooking range for hosting dinner parties or large family meals. Thanks to the two separate electric fans, your food will cook evenly on every shelf.

The range offers an abundance of space in all areas, with 2 dedicated ovens, and even an independent grill to cater for a variety of adventurous recipes. Not to mention a generous 5 burner gas hob for the most complex of stir-frys.

To top it all off, the smooth cream surface will add a stylish touch to complete your kitchen. However, the oven door handles protrude outwards a little, which might cause issues with nearby appliances in your kitchen – so make sure to include this in your measurements!


2. Stoves Belmont900DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Width: 90 cm
Fuel type: Dual

This modern cooker from Stoves is the ideal solution for those with heavy duty cooking requirements. The three separate oven sections have individual temperature settings, (including one that can be used as a grill), to make your Sunday dinners a walk in the park!
On the top, cast iron supports ensure that your pans remain steady whilst bubbling away simultaneously.

These features will give you the perfect amount of flexibility to bake and boil to your heart’s content. Whilst the range itself feels rather sturdy, the plastic knobs are not as durable, and may even need replacing a few times throughout the lifetime of the cooker.


3. Flavel MLN10FRS Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Width: 100 cm
Fuel type: Dual

This range cooker from Beko-owned brand Flavel is one of the most affordable range cookers on the market.

It’s a dual fuel cooker that gives you two electric ovens, an electric grill, and a gas hob with seven burners. This means you can enjoy the even and precise cooking offered by an electric oven as well as the instant heat of a gas hob.

The Flavel MLN10FRS Dual Fuel Range Cooker also features a wok burner, which is great for stir frys.

The ovens are lined with enamel, which makes them easy to clean.


  • One of the cheapest range cookers
  • More hobs then you’ll ever need (probably!)
  • Looks great


  • Fan is noisy—not ideal if you eat in your kitchen
  • Grill handle is fiddly to use
  • Cooking grids over hob are quite slippery


The Flavel MLN10FRS looks the business and is relatively cheap for a range cooker. It offers you lots of cooking space and is easy to use, though it does have a few flaws such as the noisy fan and slippery cooking grids.


4. Leisure Cookmaster 100 Gas Range Cooker

Width: 100 cm
Fuel type: Gas

At the time of writing, this range cooker is close to the upper end of our £1,000 price limit. It offers two gas cookers, a separate gas grill, and a 7-burner gas hob with a wok burner.

Both ovens have a capacity 51 litres, so they are on the small side. The ovens use catalytic liners to make them easy to clean.


  • Useful wok burner
  • Easy to clean


  • Ovens are quite small (51 litres each)
  • Grill handle comes off easily


This cooker offers plenty of versatility with two ovens, a grill and seven gas hobs. However, the ovens are quite small, so it’s not great for big roasts and dishes that require lots of oven space.


5. Kenwood CK307G SL 90 cm Gas Range Cooker

Width: 90 cm
Fuel type: Gas

At 90 cm wide, the Kenwood CK307G SL is only just wide enough to be referred to as a ‘range cooker’.

It has a single gas oven with an integrated electric grill, and has a 5-burner gas hob including a wok burner.

While this cooker might look small for a range cooker, it actually has a huge oven capacity of 126 litres. It only has one oven (most range cookers have two), which means the one oven that it does have is huge.

The oven has a ceramic coating which makes it easy to clean.

There’s a handy storage compartment underneath the oven where you can store baking trays etc.


  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean
  • Very large capacity oven


  • Some people will prefer 2 smaller ovens


If you need a single large oven, the Kenwood CK307G SL is a great choice. The oven capacity is 126 litres, which compares very favourably to the 70-70 litre capacity of most main ovens in regular gas cookers. However, many people will prefer two smaller ovens to a single large one.



If we had to pick just one of these range cookers to recommend it would be the Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT as not only is it one of the most affordable range cookers on the market, it’s also well made, reliable and offers plenty of cooking space.

If your budget stretches a bit further, see our list of the best range cookers overall.