What Does “Dual Fuel Cooker” Mean?

Pan on gas hob

Dual fuel cookers are often favoured by professional chefs and anyone who enjoys cooking at home.

The concept of duel fuel cooking has been around a while, and was invented in the 1950s by manufacturers including Rangemaster, one of the first companies to experiment with the duel fuel cooking concept.

Since then, the popularity of duel fuel cookers has skyrocketed in the UK, but what exactly is a duel fuel cooker and what are the benefits of cooking with one?


What does “Dual Fuel Cooker” mean?

Duel fuel cookers use both gas and electric fuel for power and in nearly all instances will heat the hob component with gas and heat the oven with electricity.

This is in contrast to gas or electric cookers that use the same fuel type to heat both the hob and the oven.


The best of both worlds

The biggest benefit of dual fuel cooking is that you’re getting the best of both worlds when you’re cooking.  Each different fuel type is better suited for different parts of the cooker, giving you greater flexibility and control.

Gas hobs are much more responsive than electric hobs, providing instant, controllable heat perfect for the most complex cooking processes.

Gas hobs are also cheaper to run, helping you to save money on your energy bills particularly if you live in a larger household and cook for a big family.

Gas ovens may be fine for roasting meat and vegetables, but many cooks prefer the even cooking provided by electric ovens – the uniform, consistent temperatures of an electric oven are essential for anyone who does a lot of baking.


How much do dual fuel cookers cost?

Dual fuel cookers tend to be slightly more expensive than single fuel cooker types, with entry level models often costing approximately £100 more than single-fuel equivalents.

However, you may find that you will save money on energy compared to electric models, and the easy-to-achieve professional results may encourage you to cook more meals from scratch rather than spending money eating out or buying ready meals and takeaways.

Remember that any dual fuel cooker will have to be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered fitter, and you may also need a qualified electrician to hardwire the electric oven.

The amount you spend may also depend on the size of the appliance. Larger duel fuel cookers often have double ovens where you can cook two or more items at different temperatures and 5 or 6 burners – ideal for someone who loves to cook, but they can take up a lot of kitchen space.

If you don’t have room for a larger range-style appliance there are smaller 60cm duel fuel cookers around to buy that will fit into a smaller kitchen whilst still providing the benefits of duel fuel cooking.

Other features to look out for on a duel fuel cooker include self-cleaning ovens and advanced safety features, although models with more advanced features will usually cost a little more.



Duel fuel cookers are perfect for anyone who wants to achieve professional cooking and baking results at home, offering the ultimate control over your cooking to produce the best results.

If you’re not much of a cook there are still plenty of benefits to owning a duel fuel cooker, but be prepared to pay a little more upfront for your new appliance and for installation.

If you need help choosing, check out our roundup of the best dual fuel cookers in the UK.