Top 10 Best Range Cookers (UK)

Range cooker in kitchen

We love range cookers. The build quality and styling are just awesome. They come in all shapes and sizes too. So, whether you live in a farmhouse or a modern apartment, there is a range cooker for you.

Plus, range cookers have a load of cooking tech inside to make cooking even more enjoyable. But you know this already.

So many of our readers are chomping at the bite to get a range cooker. I am sure that many of you have even read our range cooker company articles where we talk about SMEG, AGA, Rangemaster, Belling and more in detail.

Still, what are the best range cookers on the market right now? Well, let’s find out, shall we?


Best Range Cookers in the UK

1. Rangemaster Toledo + TOLP90DFFGB/C 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Rangemaster Toledo + TOLP90DFFGBC 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 5

With three cavities and a massive five-burner gas hob, this range cooker is the perfect size for a family home that throws plenty of dinner parties.

The main electric oven will be the perfect workhorse for everyday cooking. It has a fan to spread heat evenly, so cooking on all shelves is really simple.

The ovens are lined with catalytic liners. These absorb the grease from cooking, making cleaning just as easy as cooking.

The glide-out grill is a very clever design that many users love. It is on sturdy and smooth shelf runners that allow you to safely and easily keep an eye on anything you are grilling.

The runners also restrict how far you can pull the shelf out while cooking. But don’t worry; the grill pan can easily be removed for easy cleaning.

The combination of the incredible Rangemaster styling and the great cooking features ensures this range cooker will be an excellent addition to a family home that loves cooking.


2. Beko KDVF100X 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Beko KDVF100X 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 7

We think this appliance from Beko is the best range cooker in the UK for the average household. It’s a dual fuel cooker featuring two electric ovens and a huge seven-burner gas hob.

There is also an additional cavity for storage, and another that acts as an electric grill. Its large size means it’s perfect for busy family kitchens or people constantly entertaining guests.

Once you’ve finished cooking, cleaning is made easy with this appliance. The inner glass panels are all coated with a special nano-coating that repels grease.

With one wipe, your oven interior will be as good as new. The outside aesthetics are equally as pleasing, with a modern stainless steel design.


3. Belling Sandringham 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Belling Sandringham 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 5

We could’ve gone with so many Belling range cookers on this list. Belling has been making some of the best cookers in the world for decades.

So why the Sandringham? Well, we choose this model because it is smaller than the rest. We know that wanting a range cooker and having the space for a range cooker are two very different things. However, with this model, you can get a range cooker into your kitchen.

What’s more, you can get a range cooker that functions, looks, and feels like one of the bigger models. There is no compromise, only cooking!

The Sandringham has a modern vibe about it, but could still look lovely in a farmhouse. Plus, it has a ton of features and makes cooking a dream!


4. Smeg CG92X9 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Smeg CG92X9 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 5

This Smeg range oven is an ultra-modern twist on the traditional range cooker.

It has a gorgeous stainless steel exterior with an undeniably contemporary feel, helping it look the part in any new home kitchen. It’s sleeky, shiny, and ultra-modern!

The appliance features two electric ovens and a five-burner hob. The main oven has five different cooking functions and the second oven comes with an additional grill setting.

Multiple settings make it easy to perfect any recipe you’re whipping up. It’s simply perfect for big batch cooking and entertaining several guests at once.


5. Smeg Classic C92IPX9 90cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

Smeg Classic C92IPX9 90cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Electric
Number of hob burners: 5

This Smeg range cooker is on the pricier end, but it comes with several amazing features that are worth every penny!

There are two large electric ovens with plenty of space for cooking up a storm.

The smaller of the two doubles as a grill, while the main oven is multifunctional. You’ll always be able to find a setting suitable for the dish you’re cooking, no matter what it is!

Both ovens use innovative Circulaire technology to evenly distribute air. This makes for even cooking and enables you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously without flavours transferring.

On top of the cooker is a five-ring induction hob – a great energy-efficient addition to your home.

There’s even a self-cleaning pyrolytic function that takes care of the cleaning for you!


6. Flavel MLN10FRS Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Flavel MLN10FRS Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/B
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 7

Whether you throw lots of dinner parties, love to bake, or have a very large family, this range cooker is ideal for you.

The two 58-litre capacity ovens mean you’ll never run out of space for delicious food. Plus, you can bake as you cook easily or dial in the perfect temperatures for everything you are cooking.

The ovens aren’t the only roomy place to cook on this range cooker. The seven hob burners ensure you can easily boil all your veg, create the perfect sauce and heat the custard for dessert all at the same time.

A lot of people comment on how good this range cooker looks for the price. The design is nothing short of beautiful, and you’ll get plenty of positive comments on it.

When it comes to the cooking performance, you’ll love using it as much as your guests love looking at it.


7. Stoves Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Stoves Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A/A
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 7

Already from the features of this range cooker from Stoves, you must be thinking this is a serious bit of kit. You’d be right.

This range cooker has loads of features to make cooking every day a dream.

No longer will you compromise on cooking temperatures as you have four ovens to use. You can boil enough veg on this hob to make Bugs Bunny and every vegan in the UK happy.

Plus, it also has features like a safety shut off and loads more too. But to top all of the features and the cooking space off, you have a range cooker that has a lovely design.

It is modern, yet traditional, sleek (particularly in black) and yet it will be the stand out feature in your kitchen.


8. Rangemaster Professional Plus PROP100EIGB/C 100cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

Rangemaster Professional Plus PROP100EIGBC 100cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Electric
Number of hob burners: 5

This range cooker has traditional styling with ultra-modern tech that makes cooking and keeping the ovens clean so simple.

Firstly, the two ovens and the grill will make preparing everything for large meals so easy. Even the Christmas dinner will go smoothly for a change.

The easy cooking continues with the five-burner induction hob. Induction hobs have the same speed and precision as gas while offering a lovely modern styling to the more traditional design of the range cooker.

The catalytic liners in the oven soak up the grease from cooking. So, with just a wipe of a cloth, the ovens with look brand new for ages.

There is a lot to love about this range cooker from Rangemaster. It is part of the Professional Plus range, and you can feel the quality each time you use it. 


9. Leisure Cuisinemaster 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Leisure Cuisinemaster 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A/A
Fuel type: Dual (electric ovens, gas hob)
Number of hob burners: 5

The Cuisinemaster from Leisure is one of the classic range cookers that have fuelled our love for these cookers for many years.

It has all the cooking features you need and plenty of style thrown in for good measure too. It has three ovens and a separate grill.

Five burners for plenty of space up top. Plus handy modes for all types of cooking. It has a pizza mode (that sold me straight away), a lasagne mode and much more.

The Cuisinemaster may have some lovely classic styling that we know and love. However, this is a range cooker that has been bought into the 21st century.

It has stay-clean liners, all of the cooking modes you could want, timers, fan assisted cooking and more.

If you’re serious about cooking, this range cooker should be a serious contender for you.


10. Belling Cookcentre 90Ei 90cm Electric Induction Range Cooker

Belling Cookcentre 90Ei 90cm Electric Induction Range Cooker

Energy rating: A/A
Fuel type: Electric
Number of hob burners: 4

This range cooker from Belling is another electric-only option with plenty of desirable features. You’re given two separate fan ovens, the biggest one having a huge 91L capacity!

There’s also a variable rate electric grill in a separate cavity, and multiple cooking functions including slow cook and defrost.

The interior of the cooker cavities is even lined with enamel to make cleaning that bit easier.

On top of the cooker is a state-of-the-art induction hob. Induction hobs cook much faster and more efficiently than gas and electric.

It features four induction zones, a warming area, and innovative Link+ technology. This provides you with near-complete coverage of the cooking space and allows total flexibility, so you can use pans of any size and shape!


Things to Consider When Choosing a Range Cooker

If you’re looking for a range cooker, pause before you purchase! There are a few considerations you need to have accounted for first. Keep reading for everything you need to look for ahead of buying a new range cooker for your kitchen.

Range cooker vs. range-style cooker

When shopping around for a range cooker, you might come across “range-style” cookers. Conventional range cookers are usually only found in farmhouses nowadays, whereas “range-style” versions have their place in the modern home.

These are modernised versions of conventional cast-iron range cookers. Rather than constantly being powered by solid fuel and used to provide heat and hot water (in addition to cooking), modern range cookers typically consist of one or more ovens topped with hob rings. They’re usually powered by either electricity or a combination of both gas and electric.

The phrase “range-style cookers” is being used less and less now, and many manufacturers use the term “range cookers” to describe both types of cookers. But if you come across this phrase, you now know what it means! And unless you want an old-style AGA, this is probably what you’re looking for.


Choosing the right size of range cooker

The size of your range cooker is essential – it has to fit into the designated space in your kitchen. You ideally want a snug fit for a streamlined finish and no unsightly gaps. And thankfully, range cookers come in all shapes and sizes.

Standard sizes are 900 mm (90 cm), 1000 mm (100 cm), and 1100 mm (110 cm) wide, but some models measure up to 1500 mm (150 cm).

There are mini versions available too that measure as little as 600 mm (60 cm) and take up the same space as most conventional ovens. We’ve recommended a few different sizes on this page, so there should be an option to suit everyone!


Electric vs. dual fuel range cookers

You can purchase traditional 100% gas-powered range cookers from a few niche manufacturers. However, modern range cookers (also called “range-style” cookers) are much more common.

These are either all-electric appliances or use a combination of gas and electricity as fuel – electricity powers the oven while gas burners sit atop.

With both modern models featuring electric ovens, your main decision is choosing between a gas and electric hob.

Gas hobs are preferable as they provide more instant and direct heat, meaning quicker cooking and better temperature control.

Another great option is an electric induction hob. These heat your cookware directly, are easier to clean than gas, and are the most energy-efficient option.

Different Sizes of Range Cookers


Cleaning considerations

Although you can purchase smaller models, range cookers are notoriously big. This means you need to invest more time into cleaning your range cooker than you would a conventional oven. Fortunately, many models have additional features that make cleaning that bit easier!

There are two easy-cleaning oven options. Your first is enamel liners which coat the entire oven interior. These provide an easily wipeable surface so less elbow grease is needed to shift stubborn spills.

Catalytic liners are your second option. These absorb and oxidise grease that can be easily wiped away once you’ve finished cooking.

Another option is a self-cleaning or “pyrolytic” oven. These appliances use intense heat to burn grease and other food debris into ash that’s easily swept away.

Most pyrolytic ovens are conventional cookers, but some modern range cookers also feature this convenient cleaning capability.


Range Cooker FAQs

Are range cookers costly to run?

This is a question about range cookers that comes up a lot. Because of their size, many people think that range cookers must be very expensive to run.

However, while this might have been true a few years ago, range cookers have moved on a lot since then. For example, most of the range cookers on our list below have an energy rating of at least A.

This isn’t uncommon either. Most range cookers on the market are just the same. Some of the bigger, pro range cookers drop down to a B rating.

Still, most range cookers on the market today don’t cost that much to run. You likely won’t notice any increase in your energy bill switching from a traditional gas or electric cooker to a range cooker.


How much does installation cost for a range cooker?

The installation cost for range cookers varies greatly. It depends on where you buy your range cooker, the type of fuel, whether you have the right fittings and many other things.

While we can’t give you exact prices for all models of range cookers and situations, we can offer you this. If you are buying a range cooker from AO that uses a fuel type already set up in your home, it will cost £100 for installation (at the time of writing).


Can I install a range cooker myself?

No. At least, we would certainly do not recommend it. Range cookers are powerful and are far more complicated to install than simply plugging them in at the wall. To ensure that your range cooker is installed and works correctly, you must get the pros in.


Are there any major differences between range cookers?

Range cookers can differ when it comes to fuel types, size, number of ovens and hob rings and the size of the oven. Plus some range cookers have fancy features too.

Choosing the right range cooker can be tricky if you haven’t owned one before. However, think about what frustrates you with your current oven.

Is the hob limiting? Do you wish you had more oven space, or just a bigger cooker altogether? Finding out what you don’t enjoy about your current oven can help you choose a range cooker that will be perfect for you.



Well, there’s our list of range cookers that you should check out right now. If we had to pick just one to recommend it would be the Rangemaster Toledo + TOLP90DFFGB/C. It’s stylish, spacious and reasonably priced for a range cooker. It’s also very highly rated by users. If you didn’t find the range cooker that you desire on this list, never fear.

We have loads of other articles about range cookers on here, from different range cooker companies to their models and much more. We are the place to come for everything range cooker related!

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