What Is a Mini Range Cooker?

Small range style cooker

Range cookers are large, free-standing cookers traditionally seen in farmhouse kitchens. However, they’re slowly becoming commonplace in many modern homes.

They’re perfect for big families or households constantly entertaining dinner guests. With two overs and a spacious cooktop, they can fulfill all your cooking needs at once.

Unfortunately, not everyone has space for a full-blown range cooker in their kitchen. Mini-range ovens are here to save the day!

Continue reading for more information on these small appliances and whether they’re a good choice for your kitchen.


What Is a Mini Range Cooker?

Range cookers are notoriously large kitchen appliances. Their standard widths are 90 cm, 100 cm, and 110 cm, and you’ll need an additional few centimeters on either side for easy installation.

Comparatively, the standard widths of traditional cookers are 50 cm, 55 cm, and 60 cm. As you can see, you need around double as much space for a range cooker as you do a standard cooker.

So, what is a mini range cooker? Well, a mini range cooker is exactly as its name suggests! They’re miniature versions of traditional range cookers, measuring between 60 cm and 80 cm wide.

60 cm mini range cookers are the same with as regular cookers. Therefore, mini range cookers are the perfect solution for anyone that wants to bring the character and convenience of a conventional range cooker into a smaller kitchen.


Can You Have a Range Cooker in a Small Kitchen?

A traditional range cooker is unlikely to fit in a small kitchen, and built-in ovens are a much more practical alternative. Indeed, opting for a built-in oven can leave you with up to 50% more space!

However, mini range cookers are an excellent alternative for anyone wanting a statement oven. They’re a great space-saving solution that doesn’t sacrifice character.

Mini range cookers have several additional benefits compared to built-in ovens, too. Here is a look at why a mini range cooker could be just what your kitchen needs:

  • Flexible Cooking: Mini range cookers consist of multiple ovens and a cooktop, making them highly versatile appliances. You can cook various dishes simultaneously! Therefore, they offer unbeatable flexibility and are perfect for busy kitchens.
  • Appearance: Built-in ovens offer a sleek and contemporary finish, whereas range cookers are packed with character. They come in many colour options and act as a stunning centrepiece, transforming your small kitchen into a unique space.
  • Movable: Like their full-sized counterparts, mini range cookers are free-standing appliances. This means your cooker is a lifetime investment. If you move house, you can take your small range cooker wherever you go!


Types of Mini Range Cookers

Range cookers are generally divided into two categories based on their fuel type: electric and dual fuel.

Electric range cookers have electric ovens and an electric cooktop. The hob could either be a traditional electric stove or an innovative induction hob that uses an electromagnetic current to supply heat. On the other hand, dual fuel cookers feature electric ovens and a gas hob.

You can get mini range cookers in both fuel types, and which is the best mini range cooker depends on your preferences.

A mini range cooker using dual fuel is preferable over a standard electric model as gas stoves provide more direct heat and accurate temperature control.

However, electric cookers with induction cooktops are even more effective. They heat your cookware directly and are superior in terms of energy efficiency.