Hannah is a freelance content writer and self-proclaimed foodie. When Hannah isn’t sitting tapping at her laptop, you’ll probably find her in the kitchen. As an ex-chalet host, she’s used to cooking four-course meals for 10+ people and loves feeding friends and family whenever possible.

Oven making rattling noise

Electric Oven Making a Rattling Noise – Causes and Solutions

It’s normal for ovens to make a little noise while running. However, while some sounds aren’t normal. If you hear grinding, rattling, screeching, scraping, clicking, or buzzing, it typically means something has gone faulty—or at least is starting to go faulty. Rattling noises are among the most common abnormal sounds that your oven can make. …

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Stir fry in plastic tub

How to Reheat a Stir Fry

Stir-frying is a cooking technique traditionally used in China to produce quick and healthy meals. It involves frying a combination of meat/fish, vegetables, and rice/noodles in oil before coating it all in a flavourful sauce. This way of cooking has since spread all over the globe, and stir fry has become a popular dish in …

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