Hannah is a freelance content writer and self-proclaimed foodie. When Hannah isn’t sitting tapping at her laptop, you’ll probably find her in the kitchen. As an ex-chalet host, she’s used to cooking four-course meals for 10+ people and loves feeding friends and family whenever possible.

Oven symbols

Guide to Oven Symbols in the UK

A reliable oven sits at the heart of every kitchen. Modern multifunction ovens come with various settings and functions designed to make our lives easier—from self-cleaning functions to settings that use heat from the base of the oven, the top of the oven, or a combination of both. If you don’t know the meaning of

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Oat biscuits on greaseproof paper in oven

Can Greaseproof Paper Go in the Oven?

Greaseproof paper is a kitchen staple among bakers. It’s most commonly used for wrapping and presenting food, with its oil-resistant properties making for a beautiful presentation. However, many people also use it to line cookie sheets and cake tins, ensuring their baked goods don’t stick. Despite its central role in baking, greaseproof paper was not

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