Best Mini Ovens with a Hob (UK)

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Well, mini ovens are just fantastic, aren’t they? For such a small piece of kitchen equipment, they can be extremely versatile.

You might be looking for a mini oven to keep you going while your oven is waiting for a repair. Or you could be looking for an oven for a small home, houseboat or camper van. If so, these mini ovens could be perfect for you!

Of course, if you have no idea what a mini oven is and you’re scratching your head right now, then we should probably start this article off clarifying what exactly a mini oven is.

But stick around, after that, we have the best mini ovens with a hob on the market right now and then how to choose the mini oven that will benefit you the most.

What is a mini oven?

You may have seen mini ovens before, they are often called toaster ovens, at least, that’s what our American friends call them. However, mini ovens are for a lot more than just toast.

A mini oven can do anything that a regular-sized oven can. Some people get a mini oven solely for baking in.

As the oven is nice and small, the heat distribution makes it amazing for baking. However, you can grill, roast and anything else you can do with a normal oven with these handy little things.

Of course, mini ovens are just perfect for the small home. You can roast a whole chicken in one of these ovens. Plus, a lot of mini ovens have hotplates on them too.

So, even though they are small in size, they could offer a couple or even a small family, all of the cooking power they need for a standard-sized meal. But how do you choose a mini oven?

Well, stick around until the end of this mini oven article, and we’ll let you know. For now, though, let’s look at the best mini ovens in the UK, shall we?


Best Mini Ovens with a Hob

1. Netta 35L Electric Mini Oven with Double Hotplate

This Netta mini oven has a 35-litre capacity, which makes it one of the largest mini ovens on the market. It also has two hotplates. So, you have loads of cooking options with this mini oven.

You can also use the oven to bake, grill, roast and everything else you could possibly want to do.

What’s more, this Netta mini oven is nice and compact but looks really stylish too. Something that a lot of Netta owners love is that this model doesn’t compromise on the looks and the power that you have.

So, you can cook with this oven just as you would with a larger oven, and it will look nice and modern while you do too.


  • Oven and hob work at the same time
  • Compact and stylish
  • Will cook a good meal for two


  • Basic controls


2. Geepas 35L Mini Oven & Grill with Double Hotplate

This mini oven is another one that has a 35-litre capacity and two hotplates too. It has a max temperature of 230 degrees Celsius and you can, once again, cook a whole chicken in it. There is a nice temperature range on this mini oven, from 100 to 230 degree Celsius.

Plus, thanks to the compact size, you’ll be able to fit this mini oven into just about any space you have. Yet the cavity inside is plenty big enough to cook a meal for a couple.

This mini oven also features a double glass door, so there is hardly any loss of heat while cooking and baking. So, it is very energy efficient and heats up quickly too. The two hotplates also heat up relatively quickly.

If you are looking for a temporary oven while you wait for a replacement or even your everyday oven if you are a small household, this could be your perfect mini oven.


  • Rotisserie feature works great
  • Heats up fast
  • Great space inside and compact yet stylish design


  • Can’t use the hotplate and the oven at the same time (this is fairly typical with most mini ovens, though)


3. Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Kitchen Multi-Cooker with Hotplates

This Russell Hobbs mini oven is perfect for anyone that wants a mini oven to save on space but still wants their home to look stylish. This is arguably the most stylish mini oven in the world, and yet it has a lot of features to make cooking with it fun and easy too.

To start with, this mini oven has a fan-assisted oven, so it heats up nice and fast, and the temperature stays even throughout the whole cooking process. You have 1600 watts of power that you can use to defrost food quickly as well. Plus, the handy hob rings on the top (there are two) means that this mini oven packs a big punch in the cooking department and the style department.


  • Really impressive oven
  • Excellent hob rings that heat up fast
  • 30-litre capacity provides lots of cooking space


  • Cheapish build quality


4. Tower Stainless Steel Mini Oven with Double Hotplates

This Tower mini oven is the largest on our list coming in at 42 litres of capacity in the oven. This mini oven also features a rotisserie function, and it makes delicious chicken. Plus, thanks to the size, you can also roast potatoes while you are cooking a chicken.

For a couple, this mini oven is great. Plus, the hotplates mean that you can cook all of your veg and have a fantastic roast dinner all created by something that doesn’t take up much counter space at all.

Tower has created this mini oven with longevity in mind. So, unlike many other mini ovens, you can use the hotplate independently on this model. So, if you are looking for a mini oven for your home, one that you want to use every day for years, this Tower mini oven is the one to go for.


  • Compact but loads of space inside
  • You can grill, roast, toast and bake
  • Easy to use controls
  • Good substitute for a big oven


  • Takes a bit of time to heat up


5. Beko MSH28B Mini Oven and Hob

This mini oven with a hob is the smallest on this list, but don’t let that put you off. It still has two hob rings and can still pack a punch in the cooking department. This mini oven has a 28-litre capacity.

The oven is 1100 watts of pure power. Sure, it isn’t the most powerful oven on this list, but it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to the smaller size, this mini oven will heat quickly and stay at temperature during grilling, roasting or baking.

This Beko mini oven also allows you to control the hob rings independently and has very easy controls. So, whether this is your first oven or your 20th, you’ll find it easy to use and get a lot of use out of it.


  • Great for a toaster oven but could cook a chicken in it
  • Good build quality and easy controls
  • Perfect when waiting for cooker repairs or everyday use


  • The oven is quite tall which can make using the hot plates difficult


How to choose a mini oven

Choosing a mini oven can be tricky. Of course, some of us want the most features for our money.

Some of us have a gap that the oven must fit in. So, before you buy one of the mini ovens above, think about the size you need. Even measure the gap that the oven must fit in. If the sizing isn’t crucial, but you want a mini oven that has the biggest cavity possible, ensure you pay attention to the capacity amount which is usually measured in litres.

If you want a mini oven just for baking, look for one with the best temperature control settings and one that has a timer, you don’t want to be burning your cakes!

If you are looking for a mini oven for a caravan, check that your caravan can power the oven you like the look of. Of course, most mini ovens have a similar power range, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finding the perfect mini oven for your needs is all about making a list of things you want your new mini oven with a hob to have and then finding the oven that ticks all of these boxes. Hopefully, one of the mini ovens above will tick all these boxes and more.



We hope this look at mini ovens has been helpful. If we had to pick just one to recommend it would be the Netta 35L as it's one of the largest mini ovens on the market and is very versatile, offering an experience that comes quite close to using a normal oven/hob combo.

For more things oven-related, take a look around our website. We have everything you need to choose an oven, maintain it and cook with it on here.