Can You Put a Mug in the Oven?

Iron mug in oven

While using a mug for cooking a dish in the oven doesn’t come up very often, occasionally, cooks may want to put a mug in the oven. Perhaps to reheat some sauce or even make a cake in a cup.

Many cups are microwave-safe, but what about oven-safe? What happens if you put a cup in an oven?

Well, let’s find out, shall we?


Putting a Mug in the Oven

A lot of the mugs that we have in our homes are made from ceramic. And ceramic is oven-safe. So, you may think that they are fine to go in the oven, but not many mugs say they are oven-safe.

Most mugs and cups are not designed to be used in the oven. They won’t respond well to high heat for any period of time and will most likely crack if put in the oven.

This is because when ceramic is exposed to steam, it can absorb this. If it absorbs too much steam, it will crack and can possibly even explode.

This is why most ceramic mugs have a glaze over the ceramic, to prevent the ceramic from coming into contact with water and steam.

If there are any areas of exposed ceramic (even tiny areas that we can’t see), the cup may crack while in the oven.

This won’t affect it during normal use for coffee or tea because the steam can escape into the room. However, in a tight space like an oven, the steam can’t escape as quickly and can damage the mug.


What About Plastic Mugs?

There are some tough plastic mugs available in the UK, but these also can’t be used in the oven. Plastics of all kinds shouldn’t go in the oven because they have a low melting point.

Granted, most ovens can’t reach the true melting point of most plastics, but they can reach heats that can do plenty of damage to the plastic.

They can partially melt plastic, make the mug brittle and cause cracks to form.


Is There a Mug That You Can Put in the Oven?

If you do really want to put a cup in the oven, your best bet is to use one that is specifically designed to withstand the heat of an oven. Look for a product what is labelled as ovenproof.

Le Creuset sell a 200 ml stoneware coffee mug and a smaller 100 ml espresso mug, both of which are specifically labelled as ovenproof.

Not only are they ovenproof, they will also allow you to own a product from the high-end Le Creuset brand without shedding out hundreds of pounds like you would if you were buying their pots and pans!

So, yes, you can use a mug in the oven, but you need to make sure it is the right mug for the job.

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