Best Pans for Induction Hobs (UK)

Pans on Induction Hob

Inductions hobs provide your kitchen with a really efficient way of cooking. Unlike traditional gas and electric cookers, induction hobs use a magnetic coil that creates a magnetic field when a current goes through it.

As long as you’ve got the right pans for the job, the pans will complete the circuit and turn into a heat source. However, what are the right pans for an induction hob? Well, we’re glad you asked! Below are the best pots and pans for induction hobs that you can purchase in the UK.

Before we get to the list, let’s see what you should look out for when buying pans for induction hobs.

A pan for an induction hob should be made from magnetisable metal. This is steel or cast iron, for example. Copper and aluminium pans will not work on induction hobs unless the base has some form of magnetic metal bonded to it.

That’s all you really need to know about the pans for induction hobs. As long they have a magnetic body or base, they will work a dream. However, which pans are best for using on an induction hob? Well, once again, we’re glad you asked! Here are the best pans for an induction hob.


1. Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

This Tefal Comfort pan comes in loads of different sizes, and you can also buy an additional lid to maximise your possibilities with this pan.

It comes with the Tefal Thermospot technology too. This is the spot in the pan that changes colour to let you know you are ready to start cooking. Of course, because this pan can be used on an induction hob, the spot will heat up quickly, but the non-stick coating will keep going and going thanks to the Power Resist Coating technology.

We really like this pan from Tefal. It is dishwasher safe, oven safe for up to an hour at 175 degrees Celsius and provides efficient cooking on any induction hob. To say that this is a great addition to your kitchen is slightly underselling it. It will perform wonders in your kitchen for a long time.


  • Great weight
  • Non-stick works extremely well
  • Conducts the heat very well


  • Some people have noticed that the measurements are slightly off which can pose a problem if you buy it with a lid

If you want a good quality pan for your induction hob that doesn’t cost the earth, look no further!


2. VonShef Premium Aluminium Non-Stick Sauté Pan

This non-stick pan from VonShef is a versatile addition to any kitchen that can be used on any hob, including induction hobs. It comes in at 28 cm, and so it’s great for any frying, poaching, searing, sautéing and simmering you may want to do. It also comes with a glass lid to add even more versatility!

This is an excellent pan for induction hobs; it works excellently and heats up very quickly. This is very much a professional pan for a home kitchen. Plus, the price makes it extremely good value for money. This would be perfect in any kitchen and for any style of chef.


  • Non-stick
  • Induction base for excellent heat distribution on any hob
  • Has a great weight to it
  • Very versatile


  • Some find this pan to be a little heavy

Whether you are a couple or large family, this pan will help you keep every mouth fed easily. It is a great addition to any home kitchen and will help you achieve so much more with your induction hob!


3. Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Frying Pan

This frying pan is another fantastic option from Le Creuset’s line of induction hob compatible products! Available in a variety of sizes from 20-30 cm, it’s perfect for day-to-day cooking with medium to low levels of heat.

The 6-layer construction combined with the reinforced non-stick coating helps to capture the essential caramelised flavours of your favourite dishes. It’s also oven safe for temperatures up to 260 degrees, for the more complicated recipes.

When you’re finished you don’t have to worry about those tough food stains, the stainless-steel surface provides effortless handwashing, as well as being dishwasher safe.


  • Effective non-stick coating
  • Oven safe
  • Easy to clean


  • Some say it doesn’t last as long as you’d expect from a Le Creuset

Sturdy yet light, the pan provides all of the best features that make it worth forking out for!


4. John Lewis Classic Lidded Saucepans

John Lewis Classic Lidded Saucepan

This classic lidded saucepan from John Lewis has the classic styling that the name suggests and yet all the technology that means it will work perfectly with your induction hob. This saucepan is constructed with premium grade stainless steel and has incredible durability because of it. It also has a stay-cool handle and a stepped non-drip pouring rim that prevents any liquids boiling over.

This saucepan comes in a lot of different sizes, so it’s perfect for building your saucepan collection! Each saucepan has a beautiful style that looks very professional and works brilliantly. This saucepan would certainly suit the home cook that is very passionate about cooking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Works beautifully on inductions hobs
  • Will last decades!


  • Not non-stick

If you love cooking, you’ll love this saucepan from John Lewis. It was designed to bring you years of joy in the kitchen, and it certainly manages to do just that!


5. Eaziglide Neverstick2 3 Piece Saucepan Set

Eaziglide Neverstick2 3 Piece Saucepan Set

This saucepan set is the perfect set to buy if you are just starting out on your induction hob adventures. Each saucepan has an aluminium body but a solid stainless steel base so you can enjoy the quick and even heat from your induction hob.

The Neverstick2 coating provides an incredible amount of non-stick power, even if you try to burn something on to it, you won’t be able to! Plus if you do, this set comes with a lifetime guarantee which includes the non-stick coating.

This set of saucepans is made for people who like the easy life. Among there many other benefits, they are also dishwasher, oven safe and safe to use on all hobs.


  • Great size range
  • Lightweight and hard wearing
  • Perfectly non-stick
  • Super easy to clean


  • Lid handles get very hot

This is a great choice for home chefs who love great quality non-stick pans at a great price!



We hope this look at the best pans for induction hobs has helped you choose your next saucepan or pan.

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