Can You Use Le Creuset Cookware on Induction Hobs?

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If you’re looking at investing in Le Creuset cookware for your kitchen, we’re sure you have some questions about this cookware.

Le Creuset has created one of the best reputations in the kitchen as some of the finest cookware to use. However, can you use Le Creuset cookware on an induction hob? Well, that’s what this cookware article is all about!


Can You Use Le Creuset Cookware on Induction Hobs?

You can use Le Creuset cookware on most hob types, and that includes induction hobs. In fact, the entire Le Creuset cookware range, except their stoneware range is designed to be used on induction and glass top hobs.

This means that you can use all Le Creuset pots and pans as well as their cast iron cookware on your induction hob.


Which Le Creuset Cookware Can Be Used on Induction Hobs?

Any Le Creuset cookware suitable for induction hobs will come with the induction symbol on the bottom of the pan.

Of course, if you are buying your Le Creuset cookware online, most websites will state whether or not you can use the cookware on different hob types.

Generally speaking, though, unless you buy Le Creuset’s stoneware range, all of the pots and pan that Le Creuset make today can be used on every hob type.

Le Creuset even states that their stoneware range is not designed to be used on any hob type as it can scratch the glass.

So, this makes finding out which Le Creuset cookware can be used on induction hobs a lot easier. If it is designed for the hob, then you can use it on an induction hob.


Can Le Creuset Cookware Damage Induction Hobs?

Many induction hob users are worried that certain cookware could damage their hob top, particularly cast-iron cookware. Cast iron pans are heavy and can damage any ceramic hob surface if they aren’t used correctly.

If you want to buy a cast-iron Le Creuset pan, but are worried about it damaging your induction hob, follow these rules:

  • Don’t slide your cast iron pan onto the hob
  • Wash the bottom of your cast iron pan regularly
  • Be patient

Most damage to any glass-topped hob comes when we slide pots and pan onto the hob. So, to stop scratches on your brand-new induction hob, place your cast iron Le Creuset cookware down, rather than sliding it.

To ensure that no foreign elements come into contact with your stove, make sure you clean the bottom of your cast iron cookware regularly too.

Also, if your cast iron cookware becomes damaged, it can increase the chances of it damaging the stovetop. So do check it once in a while for any dents or deep scratch marks.

Finally, be patient. Many people like to jiggle the pan around as something is cooking. This can damage the stove as cast iron is incredibly heavy.

You could also consider using an induction hob protector, which you place over the hob to protect it from scratches.

So yes, you can use most Le Creuset cookware on an induction hob. Just look for the induction symbol. And yes, Le Creuset cookware can damage your induction hob if it isn’t used carefully, but that is true with any pot or pan.

We hope this look Le Creuset cookware and induction hobs has been helpful. For more information about Le Creuset cookware, please explore our website further.