Which Le Creuset Cookware to Buy First

Cast iron cookware

When buying Le Creuset cookware, many home chefs don’t know where to start. Which pieces of Le Creuset are going to further their cooking enough to warrant the investment?

Of course, which Le Creuset cookware you buy depends on the type of cooking you like to do, but we can offer some guidance as to which Le Creuset cookware most people buy first.


Which Le Creuset Cookware Should I Buy First?

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish With Lid, 26 cm, 5.3 Litre, Marseille Blue, 211772620

The most popular sort of Le Creuset cookware by far is their casserole dishes. In particular, the round and oval casserole dishes. So much so that Le Creuset has nicknamed the round casserole dish “the queen of the kitchen”.

Both casserole dish styles are perfectly designed for soups, stews, casseroles and even baking tasks. So, either one of these is the ideal piece of cookware to start with.

The best size of casserole dish depends on your needs and how many people you cook for regularly. Most people, though, go for a middle-of-the-range casserole dish as this size offers the best of both worlds.

You can cook a beautiful stew for two or batch out a good amount of soup as well.

For the round casserole dish, we’d recommend the 5.3-litre option. For the oval casserole dish, the 6.3-litre option is just right.


Why Buy This Le Creuset Piece First?

You may be asking why you should buy this Le Creuset cookware first rather than investing in its stainless-steel cookware range or a Le Creuset mug, for example.

If you just want a piece of Le Creuset in your kitchen and want to spend as little as possible, a mug is the best choice. You can pick up these Le Creuset mugs for less than £20 (at the time of writing), and you’ll own a piece of Le Creuset cookware, which is really neat.

Still, if you really want to make the most of the Le Creuset cookware you buy, the casserole dishes are the best option. As you probably already know, they are cast iron with an enamel coating.

You can use them on the hob, in the oven, even on the BBQ or in a fire pit. They’re the most versatile piece of cookware that Le Creuset makes. You can fry, braise, stew, boil, bake and more in a casserole dish. So, for versatility, a casserole dish from Le Creuset is nearly impossible to beat.



Le Creuset cookware is expensive, and so you want to buy the most versatile, long-lasting and enjoyable piece of cookware you can buy with your money. And you’d be hard-pressed to find any other piece of Le Creuset that ticks as many of those boxes as the casserole dish. They are an icon of the kitchen, a joy to use and will most likely be your kitchen long after you.

We hope this look at which Le Creuset cookware you should buy first has been helpful. We love Le Creuset at Chef’s Pick and have loads of articles noting our undying love for this cookware. So, if you want to buy Le Creuset, explore Chef’s Pick some more. You’ll find the perfect cookware for your needs right here.