What Are the Most Useful Le Creuset Pieces to Invest In?

Le Creuset cast iron pot

If you’re looking to add some Le Creuset cookware into your kitchen, we’re sure you’re wondering where to start.

Le Creuset makes plenty of cookware, and all of it is high quality. So, which piece of Le Creuset is worth investing in first?

Of course, this greatly depends on what you want to cook, how you cook and many other things. Still, here’s our opinion on what Le Creuset pieces you should invest in.


The Most Useful Le Creuset Pieces

Le Creuset makes the best casserole dishes in the world, and they are arguably the most useful piece of cookware to invest in.

When anyone thinks of Le Creuset cookware, they almost always think about their casserole dishes. While Le Creuset makes some of the most amazing saucepans and baking pans in the world, it is usually the casserole dishes that most chefs covet.

Le Creuset’s casserole dishes come in many sizes, so which one should you spend your money on?

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish With Lid, 26 cm, 5.3 Litre, Marseille Blue, 211772620

The 6.3-litre cast iron oval casserole dish and the 5.3-litre cast iron round casserole dish are the most versatile. They offer plenty of space for stews, casseroles and a great deal more and are the most popular cookware that Le Creuset makes because of this.

Both of these casserole dishes also have the classic enamel coating with plenty of beautiful colour options available too. Either of these casserole dishes will last you for decades, and you’ll likely be passing down these dishes to your kids.


Does Le Creuset Cookware Hold its Value?

If you want to invest in Le Creuset cookware simply from an investment perspective, you may be wondering whether the casserole dishes above are the right way to go.

Well, Le Creuset does sell more casserole dishes than any other type of cookware they make. And all Le Creuset cookware does hold its value quite well.

There is a caveat to this, though. As we said, Le Creuset casserole dishes are bought more than any other piece of Le Creuset. So, this means there are thousands, if not millions, of these casserole dishes out in the world. This means a flooded market for these casserole dishes, so they are easy to buy second hand.

So, if you want to buy Le Creuset strictly as an investment, it is best to go with signature or limited-edition colourways. Like, for example, the Harry Potter edition Le Creuset casserole dish that is available at the moment. This is a limited production run, so once it sells out, it will be gone forever. This means you now own a casserole dish of the highest quality ever, but one that is very rare.

Le Creuset does a lot of limited runs throughout the year, so it is well worth keeping a watchful eye on their products and upcoming limited runs. You can buy casserole dishes with unique, one-off colourways, which will be rarer than hen’s teeth in a few years.

Does Le Creuset Cookware Have a Lifetime Warranty

Should I Use My Le Creuset Cookware if I Want it to Hold its Value?

Whether you use your Le Creuset cookware or not is entirely up to you. If you’re buying this cookware strictly for the investment, using it can damage your investment.

However, if you’re buying it because you’re a passionate home chef that has always coveted Le Creuset, it would be a great shame if you didn’t use it.

Le Creuset cookware does hold its value nicely even if it is used. Of course, if you damage it during cooking, its value could take a knock too.

So, if you’re buying Le Creuset because of your love for cooking, use it. Use it every day and fall in love with some of the best cookware you will ever use. If you’re buying Le Creuset for the investment, the choice is yours, but it will be worth more if you leave it in the box never opened.


In Conclusion

The best Le Creuset to invest in is either the 5.3-litre cast iron round casserole dish or the 6.3-litre cast iron oval casserole dish. These are the most popular sizes of these casserole dishes because of how versatile they are in the kitchen. Choose any colour you like; the classic Volcanic colour will always be our favourite, though.

No matter why you want to invest in Le Creuset cookware, you’ll be making the right decision. This cookware has been made for nearly 100 years and is still as well made as it ever was.

It will hold up to decades of daily use and still look wonderful when you pass it down to your kids.

We’re huge fans of Le Creuset cookware here at Chef’s Pick and have loads of articles about this stunning cookware that are well worth reading before you invest.