Does Cast-Iron Cookware Work on Induction Hobs?

Cast iron pan hanging up

Whether you have just bought cast iron cookware or an induction hob, the question of whether these two giants of the kitchen world work together may be on your mind.

Cast-iron cookware has been around for hundreds of years, while induction hobs only started to become popular in kitchens in the 1970s.

So, can the older generation of cookware work in harmony with this new young buck and allow you to create some wonderful dishes in your kitchen? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Cast-iron pans and skillets work fantastically well on induction hobs. This is because cast iron is a ferrous metal.

As you likely know, induction hobs don’t work the same way as other ceramic-topped hobs. An induction hob uses electrical induction. There is a copper wire underneath the ceramic hob top.

When a piece of cast-iron cookware is placed on top of the hob, an alternating current is passed through it, and this generates heat and provides all of the cooking power you need.

So, yes, cast iron works on induction hobs. And if you have an induction hob, it could be well worth buying some cast-iron cookware.

As cast-iron cookware is designed to hold heat in very well on any hob, when you use it on an induction hob, the results are brilliant.

Cast iron can capture the heat so easily on an induction hob that they heat up nice and fast and hold that heat very well. This means that using cast-iron cookware on an induction hob can be a bit of a learning curve even for seasoned cast-iron cookware users.

Still, if you stick with your iron cookware and your induction hob, you will find cooking to be very enjoyable and incredibly easy as well.

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