Best 5-Zone Induction Hobs (UK)

Frying pans on induction hob

Induction hobs provide an excellent way of cooking. They are way more economical than most other hob types. They are also incredibly versatile too.

To cook on an induction hob is to bring back a passion for cooking that may have been tainted by your old hob.

If you love cooking and are in the market for a new hob, having an induction hob installed is probably the best thing you’ll ever do.

Sure, there can be a learning curve with induction hobs, but I promise you you’ll love using an induction hob.


Best 5-Zone Induction Hobs on the Market

1. NEFF N70 T58FD20X0 80cm Induction Hob

NEFF N70 T58FD20X0 80cm Induction Hob

Width: 80 cm

NEFF has been making induction hobs for years, and this is one of the best induction hobs NEFF has ever made.

This induction hob provides all of the versatility that they are known for, plus has some amazing safety features too. You have almost limitless control on this induction hob with the 17-stage power settings.

You have a boost setting for all zones, all of which is controlled by touch screen control for an ultra-sleek look.

This five-zone induction hob also features the fantastic FlexInduction tech from NEFF too. This means you can put a pot or pan anywhere and the hob will heat it in that exact spot, though some people find it isn’t quite so straightforward in practice.

This hob also features individual timers for each zone that automatically shut off and a control panel lock, so it is a really safe hob for a family home.

The NEFF N70 T58FD20X0 is one of the most popular five-zone induction hobs in the UK, and is generally very highly rated by users.

Most users appreciate much big the hob is, allowing you to use several pans at once. They also praise it for looking stylish, being very easy to clean and having good safety features.


2. Bosch Serie 6 PIV851FB1E Electric Induction Hob

Bosch Serie 6 PIV851FB1E Electric Induction Hob

Width: 80 cm

This Bosch induction hob is one of the most stylish on the market. It has a lovely bevel around the hob that looks amazing with the right countertops. However, not everyone’s a fan of the crosses marking the cooking zones—some people prefer a traditional circle instead.

This induction hob is not just all show and no go, though. With DirectSelect, you can easily and quickly control all of the zones you are using. You can also use the boost functions to ensure rapid cooking on any zone you require.

Of course, the lovely flat surface makes clean up a dream too. Plus, this induction hob has loads of safety features to keep you and your family safe during use. This Bosch hob looks great, performs amazingly and should last you many years of happy cooking.

Some people find the controls to be a bit too small and hard to read, especially in low light.


3. Siemens IQ-700 EX851FVC1E 80cm Induction Hob

Siemens IQ-700 EX851FVC1E

Width: 80 cm

This five-zone induction hob from Siemens is sleek and modern, but rather pricey.

The Siemens IQ-700 EX851FVC1E uses clever pan detection technology to send heat to the base of your pans and nowhere else, making it safer to use.

One useful feature is the FlexInduction function, which lets you merge several cooking zones into a single large cooking zone, which is great for bigger pans.

The PowerBoost mode is useful for quickly boiling water or other tasks where you need a quick burst of heat.

Most users appreciate this hob’s modern design and find it very easy to use and clean.


4. John Lewis & Partners 80cm JLBIIH806 Induction Hob

John Lewis & Partners 80cm JLBIIH806 Induction Hob

Width: 80 cm

The John Lewis & Partner’s five-zone induction hob has a three-year guarantee and has been designed to make light work of both cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

The hob adapts automatically depending on the shape and size of the pan that you are using, and sends immediate heat to fit their bases perfectly. Not only does this save energy, but it means you can safely clean up little spills as you go too.

This hob proves to be easy to clean and very quiet during use.

If you’re in a hurry, the PowerBoost function gives an instant burst of heat that will have pots and pans up to temperature in no time at all. This feature is therefore perfect for tasks like boiling vegetables or searing meat.


5. Siemens iQ100 80cm 5 Zone Induction Hob

Siemens iQ100 80cm 5 Zone Induction Hob

Width: 80 cm

The Siemens iQ100 five-zone induction hob has easy-to-use touch controls that offer 17 power levels. For peace of mind, this induction hob even has a two-year warranty.

This hob has a timer for each zone, and an acoustic alert plays at the end of the timer. If you need a pan of water boiled in a hurry, the boost power setting will have it ready in no time.

The hob is easy to work with and can help you to make light work of even complicated meals.

This Siemens hob has a variety of safety features, including automatic pan recognition, connection current management, and an automatic safety switch off to name just a few.

One downside to this product is that many people find the controls too small and confusing.


6. AEG 6000 Series IKE85751FB 78cm Induction Hob

AEG 6000 Series IKE85751FB 78cm Induction Hob

Width: 78 cm

This induction hob’s five zones make it extremely versatile. You can also connect zones to create a bigger cooking area when you need it using the bridge function.

One interesting thing about this hob is the Hob2Hood function, which allows you to connect the hob to your cooker hood.

If you use this function, the hob will automatically adjust the cooker hood’s extraction rate based on how you’re cooking. This lets you focus on cooking without having to adjust the cooker hood all the time.

There is also a PowerBoost function that means that boiling water is quick.

This induction hob also has a fantastic style perfect for any modern kitchen too. Plus, touch screen controls put you in complete control each time you cook.

This hob measures 78 cm wide by 52 cm deep, so there’s plenty of cooking space.

As far as five-zone induction hobs go, this product is relatively inexpensive.


Why Choose a 5-Zone Induction Hob?

If you are already sold on getting an induction hob (if you aren’t sold on an induction hob, read our article on the reasons to buy one and you soon will be), you might be wondering why many people recommend 5-zone induction hobs. I mean, a hob is a hob, right?

Buying any kind of induction hob will see your cooking experience improve, so why do so many people say “buy a 5-zone hob, you’ll love it”. Of course, there is a lot of personal opinion in buying an induction hob, but a 5-zone could be perfect for your home.

Before I get to our list of the best 5-zone induction hobs on the market, let’s briefly look at why 5-zone induction hobs are so awesome, shall we?

Induction hobs are very sleek and modern looking, so they are perfect for the modern kitchen. Of course, the same is true for all induction hobs, so that is hardly a selling point for a 5-zone hob.

If you have been managing with a 4-zone hob all this time, then you may think that a 4-zone induction hob will serve you well. However, a 4-zone induction hob lacks some of the amazing versatility that a 5-zone hob offers.

For example, with a 5-zone hob, you can use three zones for boiling, frying and steaming. Then the other 2-zone could be used together for a large skillet. This is all at the same time, by the way, you don’t have to keep this setup forever.

This means that you could cook an entire meal for four people just on the hob. You can steam the veg, you can cook the steaks, and you can boil some new potatoes.

When you use an induction hob in the way described above, it provides fantastic control. You can cook whole meals on a 5-zone induction hob just by using the versatility of the hob itself.

With a 4-zone induction hob, you can still use a large skillet or something that takes up 2-zones, but you then only have 2-zones left.

So, the space on a 5-zone induction hob is awesome. Also, as induction hobs are so versatile, you won’t just use this extra zone at Christmas or at large dinner parties. You will likely use most of the zones on your induction hob every time you cook.

5-zone induction hobs do take up a bit more space than 4-zone ones. Still, if you have space, this extra zone allows the induction hob to perform magic in your kitchen, and you’ll be amazed that you ever managed to cook on a 4-zone hob once you’ve tried it.


How Wide Is a 5-Ring Induction Hob?

The size of a 5 ring induction hob can vary, but they are generally wider than standard 4 ring hobs. M0st of the induction hobs on this list are about 80 cm wide, however there are some available on the market that are just 76 cm wide and others that are greater than 86 cm.



So, that is our list of the best five-zone induction hobs on the market right now.

If we had to pick just one to recommend, it would be the NEFF N70 T58FD20X0. It’s stylish, reliable and very highly rated by users, with some great features including FlexInduction for combining several pan zones into one.

We hope you have found your favourite induction hob on the list above. To get ready for your new induction hob, why not check out the rest of our hob articles? We have loads of articles about induction hobs on here that will help you maintain and enjoy your hob for many years to come.