Why Buy an Induction Hob?

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Induction hobs offer the best of both gas and electric hobs, at least, that’s what the manufacturers claim.

But is this true? Do induction hobs really offer all of the good, without any negatives at all?

Well, if you’re thinking of buying an induction hob, I’m sure you’d like an answer to that question.

Induction hobs have been taking the home kitchen and professional kitchens by storm in recent years. Is this just a fad? Are induction hobs really worth it?

Well, let’s delve deeper into induction hobs. Let’s compare them with other hobs and have a good old natter about this topic, shall we?


Which Is better, an Induction or Ceramic Hob?

We’re starting off with the most hotly debated hob topic in recent years. Forget leave or remain, the real question dividing the nation is, ceramic or induction?!

Well, which is right for you depends on your style of cooking, of course. Here are some things to consider.

1. Speed

Induction hobs heat up much faster than any other hob on the market.

It can take an induction hob, a good one, at least, about half the time to boil a pan of water than a non-induction ceramic hob, for example.

Winner: Induction


2. Versatility

Cooking on induction hobs can be extremely quick. However, induction hobs are really versatile too. Most have touch screen controls that can be finely adjusted to provide the heat that you need.

Most regular ceramic hobs, in comparison, can’t be as finely adjusted. So, speed and versatility go to induction hobs.

Winner: Induction


3. Safety

Other benefits to induction hobs over ceramic are little safety features that aren’t included on ceramic hobs.

For example, many induction hobs come with a safety feature that automatically turns off the hob if a pan boils dry. Plus, there is no direct heat on the hob, so an induction hob is really safe if you have kids in the house.

Winner: Induction



So, a quick recap. Induction hobs heat up quicker than ceramic. There is no “soft-start” on an induction hob when you turn it on, things get hot. The controls make an induction really easy to control. And the safety features make it the dream hob for a family home.

There are loads more features of an induction hob that put it above ceramic hobs in many people’s opinions. This is simply the info I could squeeze into this article.

Induction hob

What Are the Benefits of an Induction Hob?

The benefits of an induction hob are varied. It greatly depends on what you look for in a hob. So, to answer this question, I have enlisted the help of induction hob owners from around the country. Here are what induction hob owners love about their hob:

  • They are fantastically easy to clean
  • Incredible heat control (told you)
  • Energy efficient
  • No direct heat generated
  • Boils water faster than a kettle
  • Programmable – certain induction hobs can stop cooking with a timer
  • No lag like ceramic hobs have when heating up

I could go on. Owners of induction hobs love them. Well, most induction hob owners love them.

These hobs do come with a bit of a learning curve. A curve that a few people struggle to climb.

So, while most people fall in love with their induction hob straight away, a few people just never get on board with them.


How Reliable Are Induction Hobs?

Induction hobs are extremely reliable. Of course, once again, this greatly depends on the induction hob that you buy and which manufacturer you choose.

I haven’t tested every single induction hob ever made, and I haven’t lived with many induction hobs either. So, I can’t say that the induction hob you intend to install in your home will work for many years to come.

To find out how reliable the induction hob you intend to buy is, it is best to look at reviews of them. Trust me, if an induction hob has been unreliable, you will find a rant about it there.

All told, though, induction hobs are no less reliable than any other hob. In fact, most induction hobs are made by the better-quality hob manufacturers. So, if anything, induction hobs tend to be better made and therefore more reliable than most other hobs on the market.

Induction hob with pots

Induction Hob Problems

A few problems can arise with induction hobs, though. For example, if you break the glass of an induction hob, things can get hairy quickly.

Even if you simply chip the glass of an induction hob, manufacturers say not to use it. If water gets into the crack, it can get into the electrics, and that will end badly, to say the least. Of course, the electrical elements in an induction hob can go as well.

In most cases, though, most manufacturers offer extended warranties for induction hobs that cover this sort of thing. Your home insurance may also cover hob breakdowns and stuff.

Induction hob problems can always arise, but in my experience, it is more common for these issues to be a user error of some kind.


Are 13-Amp Induction Hobs Any Good?

Plug and Play Induction Hob

For those that don’t know, 13-amp induction hobs are like a plug and play version of an induction hob. Typical induction hobs require more power than this to work.

Most of the time, people looking into getting a 13-amp induction hob, don’t want to have wires installed so that they have an induction hob. I would rethink this.

A 13-amp induction hob cannot produce the amount of energy that a typical induction hob can. They have to be underpowered because of their power source and safety. Of course, installing this wiring can be costly, but having an underpowered hob can be incredibly frustrating for many years to come.

You may also struggle to find a 13-amp induction hob that you like. It is nearly impossible to find a 5-ring 13-amp induction hob. Four-zone hobs are your standard. However, most four-zone hobs of this nature lack many of the awesome features that make an induction hob so good.

So, 13-amp induction hobs are great to save some money on wiring, but after that, they are really frustrating and will never be the hob you want.



I hope this look at induction hobs and a few of the FAQs about this type of hob has been helpful. Induction hobs are fantastic bits of kit. Most people who own these hobs love them from the moment they use them. Check out our list of recommended induction hobs.

Please explore the rest of my induction hob articles to learn even more about these awesome pieces of kit!