Can Glass Splashbacks Go Behind Gas Hobs?

Glass splashback behind gas hob

Who would have thought such a simple question could have such a complex answer? As I was researching for this article, I went down the biggest splashback rabbit hole ever!

I just wanted to ensure I was offering you lovely folk the best advice for your glass splashback and gas hob that I could and an hour later, I have resurfaced a changed person. There are a lot of conflicting arguments about glass splashbacks and gas hobs, aren’t there?

Well, hopefully, I can get to the bottom of this splashback debate for you here.


Can I Install a Glass Splashback Behind My Gas Hob?

So, can a glass splashback go behind a gas hob? The real answer to this is: it depends.

Many kitchen designers in the UK offer beautiful glass splashbacks that will work perfectly behind gas hobs for years. Glass splashbacks, in fact, are perfect for gas hobs as they are so easy to clean. So, what about the horror stories of gas hobs cracking glass splashbacks then?

Well, here’s the thing. Just like hobs and kitchen designers, not all glass splashbacks are created equal. If the glass splashback you buy and install isn’t made from the right kind of glass, it will likely shatter or crack. This is likely to happen within days of the installation too.

Now, here’s where glass splashbacks and gas hobs get even more tricky. When you try and get some money back for your cracked splashback, the shop may say that you installed it wrong.

Glass splashbacks have certain measurements to follow when you install them. For example, the instructions may say that the glass splashback has to be 60 mm off of the top of the oven. If you have installed it even 2mm below that, you won’t get your money back. So, what can you do?

 Installing gas hob


Finding the Right Glass Splashback for Your Gas Hob

Glass splashbacks are installed behind gas hobs every day in this country. So, is there a way of ensuring a glass splashback is fit for purpose? Well, yes, there is.

Most hob manufacturers will recommend a glass splashback that is fit for use with their hob. Most kitchen designers will tell you whether the splashback you want and the gas hob you want are compatible with each other. But basically, a glass splashback, for any hob, not just a gas hob, needs to be made from toughened glass.

Toughened glass is made by using massive industrial ovens that reach extremely high temperatures. This effectively cooks the glass and makes it much stronger.

You may be able to tell that I am no expert in how toughened glass is made! However, any glass splashback that is going to be installed behind a hob must be toughened.

BELOFAY Clear 6mm Tempered Glass Splashback for Kitchen, Toughened Glass Heat Resistant Splashbacks for Cookers - Pre-Drilled Holes (60cm x 60cm)

This toughened glass splashback from BELOFAY could be a good option, though check its dimensions and installation requirements before ordering it.

If you’re really struggling to find a glass splashback that will work with your gas hob (toughened glass splashbacks aren’t difficult to find, but there are misleading products out there), try a local kitchen designer.

If you don’t want them to install your splashback, that’s fine. They might just be able to let you know where they source their glass splashbacks from.



Glass splashback look awesome and are so easy to clean. It is just sad that so many people seem to have such trouble with them! If you are really unsure where to source a glass splashback for your gas hob, try a local tradesman. Or a reputable kitchen shop in your area.

I hope this look at glass hob splashbacks has been helpful.

To conclude: yes, you can install a glass splashback behind your gas hob, but it must be made of toughened glass and installed at the correct distance from your hob.