Best Gas on Glass Hobs (2023 UK)

Gass on glass hob

Today we’re looking at gas on glass hobs. These are some of the finest looking hobs available in the UK right now.

They have bought gas hobs into the 21st century in design terms yet kept the incredible cooking power and heat control that gas is known for.

If you have a gas hob already and are looking for a replacement, you’ll love what we have below.


Best Gas on Glass Hobs in the UK

1. Russell Hobbs RH60GH402DS 59cm Black Glass Hob

Width: 59 cm
Burners: 4

This Russell Hobbs hob has a lovely, sleek design with an all-black base and pan supports.

The pan supports are made from hard-wearing cast iron, but they have been finished in a matt black to add a beautiful contrast with the glossy stovetop.

So, this hob is certainly a centrepiece perfect for an island in your kitchen. However, it has a lot of cooking power too.

There are four hob zones, a rapid zone, two semi-rapid zones and a smaller zone for precise heating.

The auto-ignition makes lighting this stove really easy too. Just turn the knob for the zone you want to use, and the ring with ignite. This hob has it all, beauty and plenty of cooking power.


2. Millar GH7051PB Black Tempered Glass Hob Cooktop with 5 Gas Burners

Width: 70 cm
Burners: 5

Miller may not be a name you’re familiar with when it comes to gas hobs, but they are certainly making some of the most beautiful gas on glass hobs right now.

This hob is simply stunning to look at. The low-profile glass top looks incredible, but it is the beautifully designed pan supports that really make this hob shine.

Combine this with the sleek control knobs, and you have an ideal hob for a very modern kitchen.

Even better than the design of this hob though is the cooking choices. You have five zones on this hob. Two semi-rapid burners, one auxiliary burner, one large burner and a wok burner.

So, you’ll have plenty of space to cook all of your meals, and the wok burner can be used for so much.

It is great for use with large pots and pans, for example. This is a great stove that looks like a work of art.


3. Cookology GGH905BK Kitchen Hob 90cm

Width: 90 cm
Burners: 5

This gas on glass hob has a very professional feel and look to it.

The top of this hob is glass, but the cast iron pan supports stretch out over the top to provide a very pleasing and sleek look.

The four hob rings around the edge also have black centre caps for the burners to add to the sleek design.

Now, while this hob looks beautiful, it is actually in use where the true beauty of this hob lives.

It is a joy to use; the controls are so easy, making it a dream to operate.

You can really feel the quality of this hob when you cook on it. So, if you’d like a hob that looks great but wants to be used, this is the hob to go for.


4. MILLAR GH6041XEB 60cm Built-in 4 Burner Black Gas on Glass Hob

Width: 60 cm
Burners: 4

Miller is back on this list for good reason. We loved the Miller gas on glass hob above, but know that not everyone has the space for a five-burner model.

So, here is a four-burner hob from Miller. It has the same beautiful design and lovely control set-up, but the controls are on the right-hand side of the hob instead of at the front.

The four burners on this hob are nicely laid out, so you can use them all and be efficient while cooking.

The pan supports are nice and sturdy too. They are made from cast iron and are finished in a matt black which gives a lovely contrast to the glossy glass top.


5. SIA GHG612BL 60cm Black 4 Burner Gas On Glass Hob

Width: 60 cm
Burners: 4

Finally, we have this lovely gas on glass hob from SIA. Now, straight away, this gas hob does have style features leftover from the days of metal gas hobs.

For example, the pan supports and the control knobs look similar to those found in the kitchen 30 years ago.

This gives this hob a slightly retro vibe about it, but we aren’t mad about that; it looks great.

Overall, this hob is a dream to clean thanks to the very easy to remove pan supports. The pan supports are also enamel, which means food and oil don’t really stick to them.

There are good safety features on all the hob rings, and it has one of the best prices of any hob on the market right now.


Benefits of a Gas on Glass Hob

You may be wondering why the cooking world is going crazy about gas on glass hobs right now.

After all, surely they are the same gas hobs as we know and love, but with an updated style?

You’re completely right, but the updated style makes these stoves the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

With a gas on glass hob, you can take advantage of the amazing cooking power of gas but have a stove that looks just as modern as any induction hob on the market.

Plus, as the actual cooking technology inside hasn’t changed, you don’t need to learn a new way of cooking.

And the price hasn’t shot up because of brand new cooking technology. Instead, you can buy a fantastic looking stove with all the power of gas for an amazing price.

There isn’t another stove on the market right now that packs the punch of a gas on glass hob in terms of style, power and affordability. That’s why the cooking world is going crazy for these hobs.


Are Glass Gas Hobs Difficult to Clean?

Whether a gas on glass hob is tricky to clean or not greatly depends on the pan supports and how they are fixed in place.

The Cookology hob above has pan supports that stretch across the whole hob, and the glass has notches out of it to accept the pan supports. This makes this hob a bit trickier to clean than some other models.

Both the Miller hobs above, though, are really simple to clean because the pan supports sit in slots around the burners. Just remove the pan supports, and you can easily wipe the glass down.

If you’ve cooked on gas for a long time, you may not be used to cleaning a glass hob top. This can be tricky to master but think of it like cleaning a window.

Give it a good wipe down with the cleaning product of your choice, and then dry it off completely when you’re finished. This should give you a streak-free shine on your lovely gas on glass hob.


Should I Buy a Gas on Glass Hob?

If you want a gas hob but aren’t keen on the outdated design that many have, a glass-topped gas hob could be the way to go.

They look incredible. I actually prefer the look of these hobs over induction and electric hobs.

Plus, the price of these hobs is some of the best on the market right now too. And you aren’t converting to a new style of hob that will take some getting used to.

So, you have a gas hob that has a very modern look, but the controls are exactly the same.

I’d say if you want a modern-looking hob but want to stick with gas, these are your best option.



We hope this looks at gas hobs with glass tops has been helpful. We love the Russell Hobbs RH60GH402DS black glass hob. It has such a beautiful design and is lovely to use while cooking.

If you’d prefer a more traditional hob, check out our list of the best gas hobs in the UK.