Best Stainless-Steel Frying Pans (2024 UK)

Stainless steel frying pan

Stainless steel has been used in the kitchen for as long as humans could work stainless steel into useable items.

Stainless steel has natural non-stick properties, holds heat well and is compatible with all hob types, including induction. These qualities make stainless-steel pans a great choice for your kitchen.

We’ve researched the market and picked out the best stainless-steel frying pans available in the UK. Check them out below.


Best Stainless-Steel Frying Pans in the UK

1. Tefal Comfort Max 30cm Stainless Steel Frying Pan

Tefal Comfort Max, Induction Frying Pan, Stainless Steel, Non Stick, 30 cm

Diameter: 30 cm
Non-stick? Yes

This Tefal frying pan is called the ‘Comfort Max’. The handle certainly makes this frying pan lovely to use and very comfortable as the name would suggest. It follows the line of the pan and the tallish walls to ensure that you’re always in control.

This frying pan also has the classic Thermo-spot, so you know when the pan is at the perfect temperature. Plus, it has a very durable non-stick coating and a bottom that is designed for induction hobs but also allows for fast heating thanks to the vein-like design.

With frying pans like this one, it’s not difficult to see why Tefal has been at the top of the cookware game for so many years. It is a joy to cook with.


2. Blue Diamond Triple Steel Non-Stick 28cm Frying Pan

Blue Diamond Cookware Triple Steel Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick 28 cm Frying Pan Skillet, Tri-Ply, PFAS-Free, Multi Clad, Induction,Oven Safe, Silver

Diameter: 28 cm
Non-stick? Yes

The Blue Diamond triple steel frying pan has a durable construction with three layers of stainless steel and an additional ceramic non-stick layer.

The durability of this construction means that this frying pan can be taken straight from the hob to the oven (up to 200°C), and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after you’re done too.

This frying pan features Blue Diamond’s unique Midnight Diamond coating that offers great non-stick capabilities, whilst still looking absolutely stunning in your kitchen. They can even be used on all hob types, including induction.

Unlike some other frying pans, these are also perfectly safe for use with metal utensils.

Owners find that these frying pans deliver great results every time, and even tricky or sticky food doesn’t get stuck like it could in some other pans.

The inside is durable and scratch resistant, and proves to be incredibly easy to clean, with or without a dishwasher.


3. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Frying Pa

Amazon Basics Stainless steel frying pan with non-stick coating, suitable for induction cookers, with comfortable handle, 20 cm, Silver

Diameter: 30 cm
Non-stick? Yes

I bet you didn’t expect to find an Amazon Basics product on this list. Well, this frying pan set is actually a fantastic bit of kit. Whether you’re a beginner at this cooking stuff or you’re looking for a frying pan set that can help you take your meal prep to the next level, this could be it.

These frying pans have a Teflon non-stick coating. They are made with excellent quality stainless steel, and they are suitable for all hob types. What’s more, they have a very comfortable soft-grip handle, and they are dishwasher safe.

The only downside to this frying pan set is that they aren’t oven-safe, but if that doesn’t bother you, grab yourself a set of very well-made frying pans!


WMF frying pan uncoated Ø 24cm Profi Made in Germany pouring rim stainless steel handle Cromargan stainless steel suitable for induction dishwasher-safe

Diameter: 24 cm
Non-stick? No

This WMF frying pan has an uncoated stainless-steel construction that is suitable for use on all hob types, including induction, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher at the end of the day too.

The rim of the frying pan is wide and designed for accurate pouring, making it easy to serve food without spills.

This frying pan might be one of the more expensive on this list, however users find that it is easy to clean and that the pan feels very sturdy.

It is worth remembering that the fact the handle is also metal means it can get very hot during extended periods of use, so make sure that you use a potholder or oven gloves to protect yourself.


5. Beka Belvia Stainless Steel Frying Pan 20 cm

Beka Belvia Stainless Steel Frying Pan 20 cm

Diameter: 20 cm
Non-stick? No

This pan is dishwasher safe and is suitable for use on all hob types, including induction. However, unlike many of the other frying pans on this list, the Belvia pan is not suitable for use in the oven.

Not only is the frying pan itself sturdy and durable, but Beka themselves place a strong emphasis on looking after the environment, saving time, and saving energy, so not only are you getting a great frying pan, but an environmentally conscious one too.

Owners love that this frying pan proves to be easy to clean, and that the manufacturer’s guide is easy to follow.

The heavy bottom of the pan gives an even distribution of heat, making for easier and more efficient cooking.


Why Choose a Stainless-Steel Frying Pan?

Natural non-stick properties

The first advantage to stainless-steel cookware is that it has exceptional non-stick properties without needing a coating.

However, as you’ll see with the frying pans in this guide, many companies choose to add a non-stick coating to their stainless-steel cookware regardless. This is mainly because most cooks are used to non-stick coatings nowadays.

Plus, the advancements in this technology make the non-stick coating of any pot or pan very durable and longer-lasting than relying on stainless steel alone.


Holds heat well

The other reason that stainless steel is such a great material for cookware is its ability to hold heat. Stainless steel can handle incredibly warm temperatures, and it holds this heat very well too. This means that stainless steel is fantastic for frying pans.

Heat is crucial when cooking with a frying pan, the more, the better in most cases. So, to have a frying pan that is made out of a material that can handle lots of heat and hold it extremely well is excellent.


Do Stainless-Steel Pans Work on Induction Hobs?

The one downside to stainless steel cookware is that it cannot be used on induction hobs (unless the base is a magnetic grade of stainless steel).

However, many manufacturers have got round this by creating the cooking surface out of stainless steel and then the base out of a ferrous metal that will interact with an induction hob.

So, there really isn’t any downside to stainless steel cookware. It holds heat very well, it has fantastic non-stick properties even without a non-stick coating, and it looks good too.

However, with so many stainless-steel frying pans on the market, how do you choose one? Well, here’s some advice about choosing the best frying pan for your needs.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Stainless-Steel Frying Pan

If you’ve been shopping for stainless steel pots and pans for any length of time, you may have noticed that stainless cookware is made from different thickness of steel and different types of stainless steel.

So, which thickness and type of steel is the best? Well, that greatly depends on the cooking you enjoy.


Thin pans

Thin pans are great for very fast frying, the reason that most woks have very thin walls. These pans heat up very quickly but rely heavily on the heat source to keep the heat flowing around the pan.

These are brilliant for searing meats and then transferring it to the oven, for example. However, these frying pans are not great for cooking eggs, for example (see some that are here).

Thick pans

Thicker walled stainless pans are considered a general-purpose frying pan. They take a little bit longer to heat up but hold the heat nicely. This means that they can cook steaks, sear meat and cook eggs on a lower temperature too.

If you’re a new cook or just want a frying pan that you’ll be familiar with straight away, it is best to go with a general-purpose one with thicker walls.


Stainless steel types

The type of stainless steel your frying pan is made from is a question for an expert. However, it is generally regarded that 18/10 stainless is the best metal for cookware.

This holds heat very well, has very good non-stick properties and is very strong. Most professional-grade cookware is made from 18/10 stainless steel.

Types of stainless steel is a minefield of information sorry I can’t be more detailed here. However, a good rule to follow when frying pan shopping if you want an all-round frying pan that will do everything well is to go for a frying pan that has a nice sturdy base and a good wall thickness.

These characteristics will hold heat nicely, heat up evenly and quickly and provide all the frying power you need.

Cooking with stainless steel frying pan

Does Gordon Ramsay Use Stainless Steel Pans?

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef, with countless awards, TV shows and restaurants to his name. As he is one of the most well-known figures in cooking, it is understandable that you might be wondering which pans he uses.

Gordon Ramsay’s recommendations

Gordon Ramsay strongly recommends investing your money in a couple of good quality pans that will last you a long time, rather than buying loads of cheaper pots and pans.

If you buy the best pans you can afford, they will last you for years and years if you take care of them properly. In the long run, this can end up saving you money.

He recommends purchasing stainless steel pans as they are more durable and provide a better cooking surface. Stainless steel will not rust, chip or even stain, which makes them appealing to chefs all around the world.

Beyond this, he recommends making sure the frying pan is oven safe for easier, more versatile cooking, and making sure that you have lids that fit properly.

At work

In several of his cooking shows, including MasterClass, Gordon Ramsay has been seen to use pots and pans from ScanPan, including ScanPan stainless steel hybrid frying pans. These are heavy duty pans that have thick bases that help to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface.

At home

When cooking at home, however, he tends to prefer HexClad cookware. The HexClad stainless steel frying pan is suitable for use on all hob types, and is both oven and dishwasher safe.

The unique surface of these frying pans is created by laser etching to give you all the benefits of a stainless-steel frying pan with the convenience of non-stick.

Cooking steak in stainless steel pan

Coated vs. Uncoated Stainless-Steel Pans

There are two main choices when it comes to stainless steel pans, and that is uncoated or coated, and there are a range of pros and cons to both types of frying pan. Coated pans are also commonly known as non-stick pans.

Coated pans

Coated, or non-stick frying pans, are an attractive choice before for the average user, they are easy to use and easy to maintain.

The non-stick coating makes them ideal for frying food that is either sticky or likely to get burned on, such as eggs or sauces containing cream. The coating also means that little to no oil is required for cooking.

However, these pans can be damaged by regular exposure to very high temperatures, and they should be replaced once the coating has started to appear scratched or worn. To protect this coating, it’s also recommended that you use only wooden, plastic or silicone utensils when cooking and serving.

As the coating can be quite delicate, these types of pans are less likely to be oven or dishwasher safe, however there are exceptions to this. If you’re unsure if a specific coated frying pan is oven or dishwasher safe, check with the manufacturer.


Uncoated pans

Uncoated stainless steel frying pans are incredibly durable and heat-resistant. Not only does this mean they are usually oven and dishwasher safe, but it also means that you can use metal cooking utensils if you like because scratches will not affect the pan’s use.

The durability of this type of pan means that they can last a very long time when they are properly cared for, however, this ongoing maintenance can be trickier than coated alternatives. This is because some pans will need re-seasoning over the pan’s lifespan.

However, generally speaking, uncoated stainless steel frying pans are still very easy to clean and care for, and they prove to be great for browning food, such as steak.

It is recommended that you use oil or butter each time you use the pan to stop your food sticking, and over time, the surface of the pan might develop discoloured spots.

If your pan does develop these spots, they aren’t harmful in any way and are simply a characteristic of stainless steel.



So, there our list of the best stainless-steel frying pans in the UK right now. We hope you’ve found your next frying pan on the list above.

If we had to pick just one to recommend, it would be the Tefal Comfort Max due to its great combination of materials, ease of use, non-stick properties and affordability.

Are you kitting out your whole kitchen? We have loads of other cookware articles here that can help you find the best cookware for your kitchen. So, check the rest of our cookware articles before you leave. Happy cooking!