Common Induction Hob Problems with Solutions

Ceramic hob on kitchen work surface

So, you’re having some issues with your induction hob? Well never fear, induction hobs can be a tricky thing to master.

While induction hobs can break down, there might be a straightforward solution to your induction hob issues below.

So, let’s take a look at induction hobs and the common problems that occur and see what the simple solutions are, shall we?

1. Induction Hob Isn’t Starting Up

Turning on induction hob

Solution: Firstly, check that your induction hob control panel isn’t locked. If the control panel is unlocked, you might be using the wrong sized pan for that ring.

If a pan is too small, then the hob won’t recognise it, and so you’ll need to either use another ring or another pan.

You can also purchase hob extender rings that mean you can use any sized pan on any ring you wish. If none of these solutions work, your induction may have a circuit overload, in this case, you’ll need an engineer.

If you’re having this issue, check out our in-depth guide to what to do if your induction hob doesn’t turn on.


2. Induction Hob Keeps Shutting Off During Cooking

Solution: If you have an automatic shutoff on your induction hob, check this isn’t switched on. If what you are cooking exceeds the time set, that could be the answer.

Also, again, check that the pan is properly placed on the ring.

Finally, if the internal temperature in the unit of induction hob gets too high, your hob may power off. If this happens, the vent holes of the induction hob could be blocked.


3. Induction Hob Flashing After Finishing Cooking

Solution: Some induction hob models have built-in LED lights that flash when you have forgotten to turn the hob off.

Of course, forgetting to turn off an induction hob isn’t the end of the world as a long as a pan isn’t on the stove, it shouldn’t still be “on”. Just turn the hob off, and the lights should stop blinking.


4. Boost Function Reduces the Power of Other Rings

Solution: This is perfectly normal. When you use the boost function on an induction hob, that power has to come from somewhere. Your induction hob will need to use some of the energy from the other hob rings to boost the power of the one that you require boosting.


5. Induction Hob is Making a Noise

Why Does My Induction Hob Buzz

Solution: If you are hearing a low-level humming noise coming from your induction hob, this is perfectly normal. There is a fan inside induction hobs to keep the electrical components cool.

If this noise is a lot louder, there may be an issue with the fan. In that case, an engineer is needed.

Also, if you hear a clicking sound when you place a pan on your induction hob, this is simply the induction hob turning on. No need to worry about it.


6. Food Isn’t Cooking Evenly

Frying Pan on Induction Hob

Solution: This, once again, comes down to the pan you are using. The pans that you use on an induction must have a flat bottom. If they don’t, the heat won’t get to the parts of the pan that aren’t in contact with the hob.

Also, check the controls of your induction hob. There is a tendency to use induction hobs on lower heat settings because of how powerful they are. If your food isn’t cooking evenly or adequately, it could be due to the power settings.



Hopefully, this list of problems with induction hobs has helped you figure out the solution to some of your induction hob issues. Don’t forget to check out our other induction hob articles for loads more info about these awesome hobs. We love induction hobs. Sure, they have a bit of steep learning curve, but induction hobs are the best hobs to have in your home.