Which Cookers Are Made in the UK?

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There is something about a British made cooker that just can’t be beaten. Britain made some of the greatest kitchen tools for years. In fact, you only have to look at Sheffield, and the incredible steelworks there to see that England has been manufacturing the best kitchen tools in the world for hundreds of years.

But is the UK still carrying on with this tradition? Has all cooker manufacturing left our shores? Well, as it happens, no. There are still cookers being made in the UK. Let’s find out about the cookers being made in the UK today, shall we?

Which Cookers Are Made in the UK?

1. Stoves

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Stoves are celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year. Stoves started as a small cooker company based in the north of England and are now one of the biggest cooker manufacturers in Europe.

It was Valentine’s Day in 1920 when Stoves was formed. Curiously, it began creating gas heaters, but that didn’t last long.

The owners of Stoves realised there was a cooking revolution happening in the UK. So, they began building some of the finest cookers in the world.

Fast forward to 1990, Stoves is now a very established cooker company making some of the best cookers in the UK. In 1990, they started their own school. This was to provide first-year engineers with re-training in the art of making cookers and create the next generation of cooker engineers.

By the end of the ’90s, Stoves had one of the most comprehensive ranges of cookers in the world, and this continues today.

Stoves are now creating some of the finest range cookers in the world as well as many other products right here in the UK.


2. Belling

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Belling may look like a modern and exciting company, largely because it is. However, Belling has actually been making cookers in the UK for over 100 years. It employs over 1,000 people to create cookers and provide exceptional customer service that is right on your doorstep.

Belling is one of the most trusted cooker companies in Britain. Of course, this is because they make exceptional cookers, but they haven’t ever changed their ethos either. Belling creates kitchen appliances that are ahead of the game and have for four generations now.

Sure, Belling’s cookers have changed a lot over the years, but they have embraced new cooking technology and applied it to their cookers.

This means that Belling cookers are vastly different from what they were 100 years ago. But they are still perfect for any British home.

The advancements in cooking technology that Belling put into their cookers means they are one of the top cooker companies in the world, they just happen to be made in the UK too, so they are even better!


3. Rangemaster

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Rangemaster cookers have been made in Royal Leamington Spa for 181 years. The very first cooker that Rangemaster made was the Kitchener, and it was created in 1830! of course, Rangemaster has changed their cookers a lot since then, but not everything changed – they still produce a range cooker called the Kitchener.

One of the greatest things about Rangemaster is that some of their newer models still have a style that is suited to even their earliest models of cookers.

Having said that, Rangemaster is also known for their very modern cookers now too. Their range of cookers provides amazing features for the modern kitchen that is really unsurpassed by most cooker companies.



So, if you want a cooker that was made in the UK, these are the three companies to go with. Clearly, all three of these cooker manufacturers are very proud to be British. They have created some of the best cookers over the years too.

However, we feel that each cooker company has really taken to the new modern style of cooking. They create beautiful cookers with the same amount of passion and precision as they did when each company got started.

Yet all three companies have pushed the technology in their cookers and the styling in most cases to perfectly suit a modern-day kitchen.

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