Which Brand of Range Cooker Is Best?

Woman pointing at range cooker

Finding your perfect range cooker can be a challenge. There are so many range cookers on the market now too.

So, who really makes the best range cooker? Well, the best brand of range cooker is entirely subjective. However, we have looked at hundreds of reviews from people just like you about range cookers and here are the results.

Now, these range cooker brands are likely to have the perfect range cooker for you. So, let’s take a look at these range cooker manufacturers, shall we? We’ve listed them in alphabetical order since it’s difficult to say exactly which is the best.

Best Range Cooker Brands

1. Belling

Belling 444444080 Cookcentre 90Ei 90cm

Belling makes some of the best range cookers, and they are made right here in the UK. The quality of their range cookers surpasses most brands, even if you buy one of their cheaper models.

Belling range cookers can cater to just about anyone too. They have electric range cookers, cookers with induction hobs, gas cookers and even dual fuel.

They have every type of range cooker you could imagine, and they are really reasonably priced when compared to other brands.

One of the greatest things about Belling is that they have taken the range cooker, thrown in all of the modern convince you could want, but kept the traditional style.

However, they also have range cookers that look perfect in the modern home too. So, Belling makes range cookers that are designed and built in the UK to go into family homes that will last for years.

All of this means Belling deserves a spot on this list!


  • Some of the cheapest on the market
  • Incredible build quality for the price
  • You will find a Belling range cooker to suit any style of kitchen
  • Fantastic little features that really make their range cookers fun and exciting to use but still have a traditional feel about them too


  • The ovens aren’t the biggest (that is pretty much the only bad thing I can find to say about Belling range cookers, people love them!)


2. Leisure

Leisure Cookmaster CK90F232C 90 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

If you have never seen a Leisure range cooker, you are in for a treat. Their range cookers offer a very modern touch, but will all the practicality a range cooker needs to be a real asset in a family home.

Many models of Leisure range cookers feature big stovetops, a few ovens and plenty of control over it all. You’ll get cast iron pan supports on most of the gas hobs too, but the build quality gets better and better.

Leisure is one of the greatest range cooker makers in the world. They win with style point, but the oven space and number of burners is the reason why they are on this list.


  • Well built
  • Nice range of styles
  • Some brilliant features


  • Knobs on certain models feel plastic
  • Some models have very small ovens


3. Rangemaster

Rangemaster Kitchener range cooker

Rangemaster is another brand that deserves to be on this list. If you put two range cookers from this brand side by side, you’d never know that they were from the same brand.

Rangemaster is very skilled in creating range cookers that could slip into a farmhouse unnoticed and also models that would make even the most modern kitchen a little bit more modern.

Rangemasters use materials carefully to create the perfect cookers. So, their modern range cookers are often made from stainless steel and things like that. Their traditional range cookers are painted in beautiful colours and have a lot of personality.


  • Some of the best features that bring modern convince to a traditional design
  • Very energy efficient
  • All models are strong and sturdy yet beautiful (built to last, but look great too!)


  • Can be bulky
  • Not the cheapest (many people say they are well worth the money, though)


4. Smeg

Smeg Classic C92IPX9 90cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

Smeg is, of course, most known for their fridges. However, they can make a mean range cooker too. Smeg has gone down the modern styling route with most of their range cookers, and that is fine by us.

Their range cookers will look beautiful in a modern home. But, of course, as they’re a Smeg product, they work amazingly as well too.

Something that Smeg has done over the years is to make really cool looking stuff that will last for years and years. The same is true of their range cookers. They have a very modern vibe about them, and they will last an impressively long time, even with daily use!

For the style points alone, Smeg deserves a spot on this list.


  • Constantly improving on design, yet staying traditional with their style on some models
  • Brilliant features that bring range cookers into the 21st century
  • Loads of range cookers at different price points


  • Some of the cheaper range cookers are “cheaper” in feel and construction, but they are still fantastic at their job.


5. Stoves

Stoves Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Stoves are another range cooker manufacturer that makes their cookers here in the UK. Stoves build range cookers that wouldn’t look out of place in a farmhouse or in a loft apartment in London.

They make some of the best traditional range cookers in the world, but also have plenty of modern cookers to choose from too.

They also make range cookers in a variety of fuel types and even dual fuel for those that want the best cooking options possible.

Stoves range cookers are built to last and will look incredible in your home too. I mean, how could Stoves not be on this list?


  • As Stoves is constantly evolving, you can upgrade your Stove cooker from 15 years ago and see the benefits
  • Really robust and amazing build quality while keeping with a sleek and lovely design
  • Traditional or modern styling with all types of fuel.


  • The ignition on some models can be slow



So, that is our list of the best brands of range cookers. We hope this look at range cooker brands has helped you choose which brand to go with. For more help with other range cooker topics, please explore our website further.