How Long Do Induction Hobs Last?

Induction hob in modern kitchen

If you’re considering buying an induction hob, there are a lot of questions to answer.

An induction hob is a significant investment. While many people swear by these types of hobs and love them, it can be a big risk to invest in an induction hob when you aren’t sure how long it will last. This is what this article is about: the lifespan of an induction hob.

Of course, we can’t tell you how long your induction hob will last. It greatly depends on the make and even the model of induction hob that you own. However, we can give a rough guideline. So, let’s do just that, shall we?


How Long Do Induction Hobs Last?

There are a lot of articles online about the lifespan of induction hobs that give varying hours of usage.

A few induction hob articles give the same answer of about 2,500 hours of use. But these articles don’t back up this usage time with any real facts, so is that the true figure of how long an induction hob will last in your home? And how does that equate to years?

Well, here is where induction hobs get interesting. You see, how long an induction hob will last is difficult to say and depends on lots of factors.

Many induction hob manufacturers test their hobs to see how long each model will last. For example, Smeg induction hobs are tested for 15 years of use. Miele induction hobs are tested for 20 years of use. Other brands test their induction hobs to 10 years. So, a good induction hob is likely to last between 10 to 15 years, depending on the manufacturer.

So, what are these tests? Well, induction hobs have loads of analysis done to them. They are tested on whether a pan can break the glass top, they are tested for their electrical wiring and how long that lasts.

The knobs or touch screen controls can be tested as well. Basically, any part of an induction hob that can have a fault is tested within these tests.

You’ll notice that I mentioned induction hobs have the glass tops tested for breaking strength too. This isn’t a test that a manufacturer will include in their “how long an induction hob will last?” test.

Instead, this is typically done by independent testers to see how robust an induction hob is.

While induction hobs are sturdy pieces of kit, they can break from heavy use. If you drop a pan on an induction hob, for example, this can shatter the glass top. This could happen the day after you have the hob installed and you’ll need replacement glass.

So, while induction hobs are hardy and will last you many years of normal use, they can break with heavy and incorrect use or just from an accident.

Saucepan on induction hob


I hope this look at induction hobs and how long they can last with normal usage has been helpful. As I said, an induction hob is likely to provide about 10-15 years of cooking in your home as long as you treat it well. If you’re looking for a new hob, check out our roundup of the best induction hobs in the UK.