Why Does My Induction Hob Buzz?

Why Does My Induction Hob Buzz

If you’re new to owning an induction hob, you may be wondering why it buzzes and if this noise is normal. 

Noise from an induction buzz is entirely normal. Depending on the heat settings and the stage of the cooking process, there will be a buzzing noise of some kind.

Today, we’re going to explain why induction hobs make this noise and why it is nothing to worry about.


Why Do Induction Hobs Buzz?

Induction hobs often make a pulsing or buzzing sound when used on lower power settings. Other models make a clicking sound at lower temperature settings too.

This is completely normal. It is due to the magnetic fields created by the pan and the copper coil underneath the glass top.

These noises can vary depending on the cookware you use, but, in general, most induction hob users describe them as a buzzing noise.

The reason the buzzing noise varies depending on the cookware you use is because of vibration. The thinner the walls of the cookware you use, the more the vibration can be heard.

If the buzzing noise does really bother you, some induction hob users have found that using heavier cookware has ultimate the noise.

Cast iron and enamelled cast iron cookware (like Le Creuset, for example), is heavy enough to prevent the buzzing.


Why Do Induction Hobs Hum?

As well as buzzing, induction hobs can also hum. Why do induction hobs hum in certain situations?

Why Do Induction Hobs Hum

When you turn the temperature settings down on an induction hob, they use fans to cool the copper coils quickly. This often results in a humming noise that can be heard.

The fans are underneath the surface of the hob but can be heard when trying to cool the hob ring quickly. Once again, this is totally normal.

Induction hobs are fantastic. They look incredibly modern but have the cooking power of a gas hob. Because of this, they need the latest technology to heat and cool the hob rings quickly. As a result, they do make more noise than a typical hob.

So, if you’ve used a gas hob or an electric hob in the past, you may not be used to these noises, but they are completely normal. The noises are the technology underneath the glass top that makes induction hobs the fantastic tools that they are.

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