How Long Do Ceramic Pans Last?

How Long Do Ceramic Pans Last

If you’re considering buying ceramic pots and pans for your kitchen, you may be wondering how long these pans last. Well today, we’re looking at this non-stick cookware and finding out.

Let’s look at how long ceramic pans last, shall we?

On average, non-stick ceramic coatings only last between 6-9 months before they start to lose their non-stick properties. If you use metal utensils while cooking with these pans, it could be a lot less than that too.

The biggest cause of ceramic pans failing is using metal utensils with them. These create tiny scratches on the surface of the non-stick that steadily growing as you use them. In fact, using metal utensils can ruin a ceramic coating on the first day of use.


How to Prolong the Life of Your Ceramic Pans

If you only use silicone and plastic utensils with your ceramic pans, you could get about 12-18 months of use out of the pan before the food starts to stick to it. This greatly depends on how you are cooking with them, though.

Using Silicon Spatula on Ceramic Pan

If you use the pans on high heat constantly, this will aid in the breakdown of the coating as well. So will using certain cooking oil sprays, putting them in the dishwasher, and rapidly cooling and heating the pans too.

You also need to store your pans correctly. If you have pans stacked on top of each other, you can damage your pans and scratch them very easily.

The best way to store pans is to hang them up so they don’t come into contact with the base of other pans.


Can You Make Ceramic Non-Stick Again?

We know that ceramic pans are not the cheapest option, but this coating is one of the healthiest cooking options on the market right now.

To get some extra life out of your ceramic pans, it is really worth reading our ‘why do ceramic pans lose their non-stick’ article while you are here. While you can’t repair the ceramic coating on these pans, you can create a new non-stick layer fairly easily with traditional methods.

If you really take care of your ceramic pans, you could enjoy using them for 18 months, sometimes longer.

However, for most of us in busy home kitchens, we’ll be lucky to get a year out of these pans before they lose their non-stick magic. It is a good job that Chef’s Pick has loads of articles about the best cookware in the UK right now, then!

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