Can You Use Steel Wool on Le Creuset Cookware?

Can You Use Steel Wool on Le Creuset Cookware?

Le Creuset cookware is hardy, but even the hardiest of cookware has its limits. Today, we’re looking at whether you can use steel wool on Le Creuset cookware, and if you can’t, how to clean Le Creuset without damaging it.

 So, let’s find out how you should clean this cookware, shall we?


Does Steel Wool Damage Le Creuset Cookware?

As we said above, this cookware is extremely tough. The cooking surface can last decades if treated right. However, you need to treat it right when cooking with it and cleaning it.

Steel Wool Damaging Le Creuset Cookware

Do not use steel wool or any other harsh abrasives on your Le Creuset. This can damage the enamel coating on this cookware, and once the enamel gets damaged, you can’t repair it!

So, if you can’t use harsh abrasives on Le Creuset, how do you get this cookware clean? Well, let’s look at that now, shall we?


How to Clean Le Creuset Safely

Let us introduce you to the mighty power of soaking. If you have Le Creuset cookware with some burnt-on food, let it soak in warm, soapy water for about 20 minutes. You can then use a soft abrasive pad (like a nylon cleaning pad) to scrub off the burnt-on food.

How to Clean Le Creuset Cookware

If the food is super stuck on there, you can pop some water with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in the pot and place it on the hob to boil.

The boiling water and bicarb will break down the burnt-on food with really minimal scrubbing.

For general cleaning of Le Creuset, a soft sponge is ideal. If you are simply wiping away the remnants of a good meal, a soft sponge will get the job done nicely.

We hope this look at cleaning Le Creuset has been helpful. This cookware is fantastic and will last for decades if treated correctly.

Just remember, no harsh abrasives, use the power of soaking and softer sponges, and you’ll be cooking with this cookware for the rest of your life!

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