Do Wooden Spoons Scratch Teflon?

Do Wooden Spoons Scratch Teflon

Wooden utensils have likely been used since humans first starting cooking up a storm in caves!

But are wooden utensils fit for a modern kitchen? Can you use a wooden spoon in a pan with a non-stick coating, for example? Or will the wood scratch up the Teflon so badly that you need to replace your pan? Well, that’s what we’re exploring today.

We will show you some of the most awesome wooden spoons and utensil kits available in the UK right now too. But first, do wooden spoons scratch Teflon? 


Do Wooden Spoons Damage Non-Stick Coatings and Teflon? 

Wood is a soft material, much softer than the non-stick coatings used on cookware, including Teflon.

This means that a wooden spoon won’t damage or scratch a non-stick coating, in almost every case.

We cannot say for certain that a wooden spoon wouldn’t scratch an extremely cheap non-stick coating or one that has already been damaged by metal utensils, for example.

Use Wooden Spoon on Non-Stick Pans

However, in general, wooden utensils do not damage non-stick coatings and are the perfect thing to cook with when using pots and pans with a Teflon-style non-stick coating.

In fact, wooden utensils are perfect for use with a whole range of cookware, even Le Creuset cookware.

Just because you have cookware that is extremely hard-wearing, it doesn’t mean you need to take it to the extremes every time you cook. Using wooden spoons and spatulas with your cookware extends the life of any pot or pan. 

Now, we all know that wooden utensils are widely available. You can pick up a set of wooden spoons suitable for various cooking tasks from just about anywhere these days.

However, many of these sets of wooden utensils are boring, and who wants boring wooden spoons? Not us! So, here are the coolest wooden utensils available in the UK right now! 


The Best (& Coolest) Wooden Utensil Sets in the UK 

1. Messon Teak Wooden Utensil Set 

Wooden Utensils Set for Kitchen, Messon Handmade Natural Teak Cooking Spoons Wooden Spatula for Nonstick Cookware (7 Sets)

This wooden utensil set has got everything you need to serve up a treat in your kitchen. There are four different spoons, a small colander, a spatula and a fry shovel.

Each piece has a beautiful design too, so this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill utensil set. Each piece really looks the part and works nicely too.

Each piece is also made from teak, which is a very hard-wearing, naturally oily wood that won’t damage your pans. 

The reason this utensil set made our list is really easy. We love the wood choice, the grain really makes each piece interesting and unique, but we love the shapes of the spoons and spatulas too.

Sure, they look really cool, but the shapes are really helpful in the kitchen too. 


2. TheEcoWay Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set 

Here we have one of the most basic wooden utensil sets you can buy. It is a three-piece set with a slotted spoon, a spoon, and a spatula.

So, why did this bamboo utensil set make our list over another bamboo utensil set? Well, the company that makes them cares about the environment as much as they do about your cooking.

These utensils are made in an eco-friendly way and there is zero plastic involved in the delivery at all. 

This set is also made from sustainably sourced bamboo. So, the wooden spoons and spatulas are nice and hard-wearing, and very practical.

TheEcoWay has gone to great lengths to ensure that these wooden utensils haven’t damaged the environment before they reach your kitchen, and that is pretty cool if you ask us!


3. A&S Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set 

You’ve just seen a bamboo utensil set and might be wondering why on earth there is another bamboo utensil set on our list. Well, the last set was three pieces; this one is 10 pieces.

This one has loads of spoons, some tongs, spatulas, measuring spoons and even a handy wooden holder to keep everything in.

The set also comes complete with hanging hooks if you’d prefer to show the utensils off rather than hiding them away in the holder.  

If you’re just starting to amass your utensil collection, this is the perfect place to start. This utensil set looks cool, won’t damage any of your pans, and you get everything you need to cook a wonderful meal in your kitchen! 



We hope this look at wooden spoons and whether they scratch or damage Teflon cookware has been helpful. We also hope you found a wooden utensil set above that will bring some flair to your kitchen and your cooking.

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