How Do I Know if My Oven Is a Fan Oven?

How Do I Know if My Oven Is a Fan Oven

If you’ve ever been about to throw something in the oven and the instructions say “for fan-assisted ovens use this temperature, and for a normal oven, use this temperature”, and you’ve panicked and realised you have no clue what oven you have, we’re here to help.

As someone who has lived in rented accommodation for a good few years now, I have experienced this several times.

The first meal in your rented home will never be over-cooked again, as there is a very simple way of knowing whether your oven is a fan oven or not.


How to Tell Your Oven is a Fan Oven

There are a few ways of finding out which type of oven you have. The first way is to note the make and model of your oven, stick it into the internet on the search engine of your choice, call up the first page you see selling your oven and look at the info.

This method seems quick, but if you have hungry kids who can only be entertained by the flashing lights of a game on your phone as you try and figure out what to cook and how long to cook it for, you may not have your phone at this crucial time.

Don’t worry, there is an easier and much faster way!

Any oven that is fan-assisted has a little three-pronged fan logo on the control panel that tells you it is fan-assisted.

Fan Oven Symbol

For a fan oven (or convection oven), the logo is still a three-pronged fan, but it is inside a circle.

Just take a look at the oven knob, and if it has one of these logos near it, you should be using the lower temperatures for cooking.

If not, your oven is a normal oven, and a higher temperature is the best option.

We hope this look at fan ovens and how to tell if you have one has been helpful. This trick really saved a few meals in my house when we first moved in, and we hope it saves your meals too.

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