Does Le Creuset Cookware Need Seasoning?

Does Le Creuset Cookware Need Seasoning

Le Creuset is incredible cookware. Here’s at Chef’s Pick, we have written about our love for this cookware plenty of times. It looks beautiful, it is a joy to cook with and will last you the rest of your life.

In fact, if this cookware doesn’t last the rest of your life, you can return it to Le Creuset and get another one for free!

There is a lot to love about Le Creuset, but if you need to season it all the time, then many folks may steer clear of it. After all, seasoning cookware is soooo last century, am I right? But does Le Creuset need seasoning?

One of the greatest things about Le Creuset cookware is that there is hardly any maintenance required to keep this cookware functionally perfectly. You don’t need to season Le Creuset cookware, and you don’t need to worry about the cast iron rusting, thanks to the enamel.

You can create a patina layer on a Le Creuset enamel pan, though. This does increase the non-stick properties a bit, but the enamel coating does a good job on its own.

Of course, the enamel isn’t as non-stick as other coatings available, but with a bit of oil, you’ll have a tough time getting anything to stick to the surface of Le Creuset.


How to Create a Patina on Le Creuset Cookware

Using Le Creuset Cookware

While no seasoning is required on this cookware, a patina layer protects the enamel slightly and makes everything a bit more slippery. It is like a seasoning layer without any of the work.

Creating a patina on Le Creuset cookware is really easy; just use the thing. Cook with your Le Creuset and enjoy the process.

Once you’ve finished cooking, let the pan cool down and then hand wash it in the sink with a bit of soap and a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. This will keep some of the oil from the cooking process on the surface.

Keep doing that every time you cook, and you’ll form a patina that makes your Le Creuset cookware slightly better.



Le Creuset cookware is totally worth it. There is so my hype about this cookware for a good reason, it is the best in the world. It is a joy to cook with, so easy to maintain, and makes you a better chef in a weird sort of way.

Because you enjoy using the cookware, you tend to put a bit more effort in, so the meals you make are nicer. At least that’s what happens when I use Le Creuset cookware, and we got ours second-hand!

If you’ve ever wanted Le Creuset cookware in your kitchen, but were worried about staying on top of seasoning, worry no more. You don’t need to season Le Creuset at all. You can just enjoy cooking with it, and boy, will you enjoy cooking with it.

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