How Long Does Le Creuset Cookware Last?

How Long Does Le Creuset Cookware Last

We know that Le Creuset cookware seems expensive. We also know that Le Creuset is coveted by thousands of home cooks around the UK and the rest of the world. 

Everyone loves this cookware because of the timeless style and how joyful it is to use when cooking.

But surely, Le Creuset doesn’t last forever. Are you paying top dollar for cookware that is simply going to be thrown away in a few years?

Well, let’s explore how long Le Creuset lasts, shall we?


How Long Does Le Creuset Last?

Le Creuset lasts a lifetime. In fact, if you treat Le Creuset with the respect it deserves, it will outlive you.

This cookware won’t last forever, but many people claim it will last 1,000 years or more. Sadly, Le Creuset has only been going since 1925, so no one can really say with any certainty that it will last 1,000 years.

Still, there are some extremely early examples of Le Creuset still surviving and thriving in kitchens across the world.

Le Creuset Lifespan

Le Creuset knows how long its cookware lasts, too. Hence, they provide a lifetime warranty with their enamelled cast iron cookware.

Unlike other cookware companies, Le Creuset isn’t here to sell us the same pots and pans every 10 years or so.

They want you to buy one enamelled cast iron Dutch oven, for example, fall in love and then buy the rest of the range. And this business model has been working for Le Creuset for nearly a hundred years!


What Does Le Creuset’s Warranty Really Cover?

The Le Creuset warranty covers anything that could happen during cooking.

This means if the enamel coating comes off of the inside of the pan, you can send it off to Le Creuset, and they will send you a replacement. The replacement also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Le Creuset doesn’t seem to be too strict with their lifetime warranties either. If your pan has been damaged through general kitchen use, there is a very good chance you’ll get a replacement.


Caring for Your Le Creuset

Of course, to keep your Le Creuset looking and cooking good, regular cleaning and maintenance should be done. Thankfully, though, enamelled cast iron is really easy to look after.

Just never plunge the pan into the water straight after cooking (leave it to cool down first). Then, any food residue on the pan can simply be soaked until soft, and then you can use a brush or sponge to wipe it away.

How to Care for Le Creuset

Don’t use any abrasive pads on Le Creuset, but microfibre cloths or dish sponges are absolutely fine.

As long as you soak Le Creuset for a while before trying to remove any burnt-on food, you will never need to scrub too hard. It is also worth using non-metallic utensils with your Le Creuset too.

Silicone or wooden utensils will work amazing, and this will help to keep the enamel coating in good shape for a lot longer.

That is really it. As long as you care for your Le Creuset cast iron, it will probably outlive you. And if the enamel coating does fail, it is likely covered under the lifetime warranty anyway.

Hopefully, this look at Le Creuset and how long it lasts has been helpful. Chef’s Pick is a huge fan of Le Creuset cookware, and we have written loads of articles about this cookware.

So, make sure you explore our Le Creuset articles for more info and to find the best deals on Le Creuset available in the UK right now.