What Does Litre Mean in Microwave and Oven Measurements?

What Does Litre Mean in Microwave and Oven Measurements?

If you’re in the market for a new oven or microwave, you may have noticed litres play a big part in measuring these kitchen appliances.

But what does a litre have to do with the measurements of ovens and microwaves? And what size should you choose?

Today, we’re exploring exactly what litres have to do with measurements when it comes to these kitchen appliances and helping you choose the perfect size for your kitchen and your family.

First, though, what do litres really mean?


Measuring Microwaves and Ovens in Litres

The capacity of an oven or a microwave is measured in litres. The more litres an oven or microwave can hold, the bigger it is. This means you can cook more food at the same time.

The litre measurement for these kitchen appliances basically means that if you could fill them with water, it would take 40 litres, for example, of water to fill it up.

Measuring Microwaves and Ovens in Litres

Now, the more litres an oven or microwave can hold means that you’ll have more space to cook with.

It also means that the space you need to heat can be a lot larger if the litre capacity is very big. This can mean the energy efficiency of larger ovens and microwaves is affected.

If this is a concern, choosing a happy medium is the best choice.

An oven or microwave that is big enough to tackle the daily cooking tasks of your household, but one that isn’t so big that the energy efficiency suffers as a result

As you may have noticed, ovens and microwaves can hold varying litres, so choosing the right sized oven or microwave for your home is important.

So, which size oven or microwave should you buy? Well, here is a handy buying guide for which capacities are best suited to different-sized households.


What Size of Oven Should I Choose?

  • 35-40 litres – Plenty of room for a two-person household
  • 40-70 litres – Three to four hungry mouths can be catered for with an oven of this size
  • 70+ litres – Best for larger households of four or more people


What Size Microwave Should I Buy?

  • 15-20 litres – Best for a two-person household
  • 21-30 litres – Suitable for up to 4 but can accommodate six people at a push
  • 30 litres and above – Can feed six hungry mouths comfortably

Microwave Size Guide

It’s worth noting that just because a microwave or oven has a larger capacity, it doesn’t mean that you have any extra shelves or cooking platforms to use.

A larger microwave, for example, will still only have one level in which to cook your meals. So, while a larger capacity microwave sounds like the logical choice for us all, you likely will only be able to heat one thing at a time.

Still, you can heat more baked beans in a larger capacity microwave than a smaller one!

Buying an oven or microwave that is the perfect size for your family is a great way of ensuring that you can comfortably cook for your whole family every day.

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