What’s the Most Energy Efficient Hob Type?

Man preparing food next to gas hob

The most energy efficient hob type is an induction hob.

In this article, we’ll explore induction hobs and the reasons why they are so energy efficient. We will also have a chat about the other great things that induction hobs feature too.

So, if you are considering a new hob for your home and want to get the most energy efficient one you can, induction hobs should be your hob of choice.

What makes an induction hob so energy efficient?

An induction hob is so energy efficient for a few reasons. Firstly, an induction hob works by transferring electromagnetic energy directly to a pan, without waste. This allows it to use about half the energy of a conventional hob.

A conventional hob (an old-school gas or electric plate hob), has quite a bit of waste. In fact, about 50% of the energy is wasted. This is because the heat is dissipating around the pot or pan as you are heating it. This means wasted energy, and that costs you money and is bad for the environment.

An induction hob creates a magnetic field. When electricity is passed through the coil (which is underneath the glass), this creates electromagnetic energy. This passes directly into the pan, creating a current that produces heat.

So, your induction hob isn’t actually creating the heat as such. It is the pan and coil together creating the heat. Your hob is just creating a magnetic field, really.

Is an induction hob cheaper to run than gas?

 Absolutely, an induction hob is far cheaper to run than gas. In fact, a gas hob is actually one of the most expensive hobs to run.

Flameless cooking has a far better thermal efficiency than gas hobs. So even traditional electric hobs are cheaper to run than gas. However, with an induction hob, you have the same of control over the heat as you do with a gas hob.

Basically, an induction hob transfers more energy into the pan than any other hob type. This means that food heats up quicker, most induction hobs can boil water faster than a kettle too.

This speed gives induction hobs a similar heating performance to gas hobs. However, a gas hob would have to waste a lot of energy to perform as well as an induction hob.

Other benefits of induction hobs

As I hope I have proved, induction hobs are incredibly energy efficient and the best on the market for an energy conscious household. However, there are loads of other benefits to an induction hob too.


For starters, these hobs are extremely safe. Only the pan generates heat. Also, because of the way an induction hob works, if a pan isn’t in contact with the surface, the hob shuts that ring off. It will also shut the element off if a pan is too small for that element.

Easy to clean

Also, induction hobs are very easy to clean. As the surface of an induction hob doesn’t heat up anywhere near the amount of any other hob type, any food that spills on an induction hob won’t burn.


If you want the most energy efficient hob on the market, induction has to be your choice. They aren’t cheap, but they are fantastic.

The amazing energy savings from an induction hob is just one of the many benefits to this hob type. Please explore our website further for loads more information about hobs, ovens and all kinds of cookware.