Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Cookware

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Cookware

Many people love the charm and look of copper pans. They provide a very unique style to your kitchen that most cookware simply cannot match.

However, is style the only reason to buy copper pans nowadays? Are there other advantages to this cookware?

Well, below, we’re looking at the advantages and disadvantages of copper cookware to find out.


Advantages of Copper Cookware

1. Excellent thermal conduction

Excellent thermal conduction

Copper cookware heats up very quickly but spreads this heat more evenly than any other cookware on the market. So, there aren’t hot and cold spots on copper cookware.

Even if you buy copper pans that have a layer of stainless steel or tin on the inside, the outside layer of copper heats up evenly and spreads this heat throughout the pan.

The bottoms and the sides of copper pans get warm very quickly and hug what’s inside, and heats it evenly.

This is why copper pots and pans are used in jam and confectionery making. The thermal conductivity is far superior to any other cookware in the world.

2. Weight

Copper pans have a very evenly distributed weight. They aren’t the lightest in the world, but because the weight is distributed evenly, it feels great to use.

Coppers pans aren’t heavy enough to make lifting them with one hand difficult, but they are heavy enough to sit securely on the hob.

3. Easy to clean

The biggest reason chefs use copper pans is because of their incredible heat conduction. Still, another big reason is that they are so easy to clean.

Over time, copper gets a rustic, antique look that hides some burn marks too. So, they are very easy to clean, but copper cookware also hides some burn marks as they age.

4. Unique

Copper Pans are Unique

There’s no doubt that copper pans are some of the most attractive. This cookware has a really unique charm and style that looks incredible in any traditional or modern kitchen.

The beauty of this cookware is certainly a big reason why some home cooks gravitate toward it, and we can’t blame them. Copper cookware is truly beautiful.

5. Energy efficient

As copper cookware heats up so quickly and evenly, it is fantastically energy efficient. It simply takes less time for these pans to reach cooking temperatures than most, so you can save money there.

Copper pans are made to last decades as well, so you won’t need to buy new pans as quickly. So if money and energy usage is a big concern, you’ll be a fan of copper pans.


Disadvantages of Copper Cookware

1. Expensive

Copper Pans are Expensive

Whether you’re looking at untreated, stainless steel or tin-lined copper pans, you’ll notice that the price for all copper cookware is steep.

These pans cost a lot of money. Copper is expensive, and these pans are often created for professional kitchens, so they are incredibly well made. Therefore, the cost of the cookware will always be high.

If you can justify the initial cost of this cookware, though, you will have these pans for a very long time. Copper cookware is so well made that it will last you for decades.


2. Untreated copper can be dangerous

Untreated copper can be dangerous

Most copper cookware on the market nowadays is either tin-coated or has a layer of stainless steel inside. This keeps your food from coming into contact with the copper but still takes advantage of the heat conductivity of the copper.

However, you can buy untreated copper pans. These are usually geared toward specialist cooking and baking tasks like making candy and chocolate, for example.

If you do buy untreated copper pans, you cannot cook acidic food in them. Acids can react with the copper and pull it away from the surface, so you can end up with copper in your food.

As we said, though, most copper cookware nowadays is lined with something to stop this from happening. But if you do want completely traditional copper pots and pans, this is something to think about.

We hope this has helped you decided whether these pots and pans are right for you. We have other articles about copper cookware here at Chef’s Pick, including a roundup of the best copper pans on the market.

Copper is some of the most beautiful cookware on the market right now and could be the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboards.