Best Jam Pans for an Induction Hob (UK)

Jam Pan on Hob

Jam pans, preserving pans or maslin pans, these pans have more names than uses, right? Well, maybe, we’ll get to the uses of jam pans in a bit.

First, though, we’d like to take you on a jammy journey of discovery into the world of jam pans and the best ones available right now.

Below are some of the best jam pans in the UK, and all can be used on induction hobs and any other hob.


Best Jam Pans for an Induction Hob in the UK

1. Penguin Home Professional Jam Pan

Penguin Home Jam Pan & Maslin Pan, 8.5 Litre Stainless Steel, Lockable Handle & Induction Safe,Suitable for All Hobs,Suitable for Dishwasher,Fridge & Freezer,Diameter 30.5 cm

Capacity: 8.5 litres

This cleverly designed jam pan from Penguin is sure to make making jam a bit easier for you. It has a stainless-steel exterior, and the base has an aluminium layer.

Aluminium is a brilliant conductor of heat, but it also distributes this heat nice and evenly, which is exactly what you want in a jam pan.

It also has a stainless handle that can lock in the upright position for easy carrying and handling, as well as a solid pouring handle that is riveted in place.

The polished stainless-steel exterior of this jam pan is really beautiful, which is a lovely touch. You can really tell that Penguin went the extra mile with this jam pan to make it as good as possible.

Each handle is riveted into place very securely too. So, this pan will look good and last you for many years of jam making fun.


2. Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel Preserving Pan

Capacity: 3.3 litres

Next, we have a Le Creuset jam pan, which, as we’ve come to expect, has some of the best hand finished detail of any cookware on the market.

This is a polished stainless-steel pan that is suitable for all ovens, grills and hobs, including induction.

There is no bucket-like handle on this pan, either. Instead, you get two very secure handles on opposite sides and a 360-degree anti-drip pouring lid for ease of use.

This jam pan is nice and heavy; you can feel the quality straight away. In fact, you can see the quality of this pan just from the pictures.

It has the classic Le Creuset attention to detail and robust build. It is a steeper price than the other jam pans on this list, but if you’re serious about jam making, this is the ideal option for you.


3. KitchenCraft Home Made Maslin Pan

KitchenCraft Jam Pan, Home Made Maslin/Jam Pan for Induction Hob with Recipe in Gift Box, Stainless Steel, 9 Litres, Silver

Capacity: 9 litres

This massive, 9-litre jam pan comes in super handy for making jams, chutneys and even more.

It has measurements inside the pan to make it really easy to keep track of your ingredients, and there are gauges in pints and litres to make it simple to follow any recipe.

This is a stainless-steel jam pan, so it is ideal for induction hobs but can be used on any hob. It has a bucket-like handle to make moving it easy, as well as a handle for supporting it while pouring your jam.

Speaking of pouring your jam, a pouring spout makes that nice and easy. This is a very solidly built jam pan that comes in a gift box with a recipe book, so it’s ideal for the jammiest person in your life!


4. VonShef Jam Making Kit

VonShef Jam Making Kit, Includes 6 Jam Jars with Lids, Induction Hob Safe Maslin Pan, Thermometer & Spoon, for Homemade Jams, Chutneys & Preserves

Capacity: 9 litres

This 9-litre jam pan comes with everything someone needs to give jam making a try for the first time.

Firstly, the quality jam pan is very solidly built with a wielded on pouring handle and a delicate pouring spout for easy transfer of your jam.

It also comes with all the measurements you need to follow any jam recipe that takes your fancy.

This jam making kit from VonShef includes a lot more, though. You also get glass jam jars and labels for each of your creations. It also includes a funnel to make transferring your jam into the jars much easier.

There’s also a special wooden spoon designed to hang over the side of the pan and a thermometer to keep track of your jam.

So, whether you want to try jam-making yourself or know someone that does, this is the best jam making kit to gift to yourself or your foody friend.


5. Oypla 9L Stainless Steel Maslin Jam Pan

Capacity: 9 litres

This Oypla stainless steel maslin jam pan may not have the fit and finish of some of the jam pans on this list, but don’t let that put off.

This is made from 304 stainless steel, the perfect steel for the job. It has a 9-litre capacity, so it has plenty of space for all your jam making needs. It also has graduated markings in metric and imperial on the inside, so measuring is simple.

You can see some marks from the manufacturing process on this jam pan, which does put some people off. However, this is a very good quality pan, and the price reflects that it doesn’t have the best finish in the world.

If you want to try jam making for the first time, the price of this pan makes it a winner.

Plus, it is extremely well built; the witness marks from the manufacturing process indicate this. So, it will last many years of jam making fun.


What Is Special About a Jam Pan?

You might be wondering why you need jam pans when making jam, or whether you actually need a jam pan to make jam.

We’ll discuss whether you need a jam pan in just a bit, but first, we’d like to talk about why jam pans are special.

Jam pans are very heavy. The Le Creuset pan above is 2.28 kg. A typical saucepan of this size is about 1 kg. This weight is due to the thick base and sides of the pan.

A jam pan needs to be thick to protect the fruit from the heat. When making jam, you don’t want to burn or scorch the fruit. Instead, you want a consistent heat that surrounds the mixture nice and evenly.

A jam pan’s thick sides are designed to do this. They hold heat in very well but don’t get hot enough to burn the fruit that is touching the sides.

You’ll also notice that the bottom of a jam pan is very wide. This allows moisture to escape. When making jam, moisture needs to escape steadily, so jam pans are designed with large bottoms, so more of the pan is in contact with the cooking surface. This means that evaporation happens quickly and consistently.

So, jam pans are special because they are designed to make jam. That isn’t to say that you can’t use these pans for other cooking tasks, though, but more on that in a bit.


Do You Need a Jam Pan?

Jam pans are not essential to making jams, but they are the best tool for the job. As an alternative to a jam pan, you could use a low-sided, wide-based, stainless-steel saucepan.

You’ll need a large saucepan, though. All of the jam pans above are 9 litres, with the exception of the tiny 8.5-litre VonShef one.

If you don’t have a saucepan this size, you will struggle to make jam. You need a lot of fruit to make preservatives and a pan that can easily fit this fruit inside. So, if you are going to have to buy a new pan in order to make jam, you may find it easier to simply buy a pan that is right for the job.

As we’ll learn in the next section, jam pans have many other uses and don’t need to be reserved for the preserved!


Can You Use Jam Pans for Other Cooking Tasks?

Yes, you can. Jam pans are specially designed to make jam and do a fantastic job at this task, but they can be used for loads of other cooking tasks, and we aren’t talking about making chutneys, although you can knock up a fantastic chutney in one too.

Jam pans are also superb for making big batches of soup or making your own stock. You can use them for making caramel and any other high-sugar foods.

So, if you’re a baker, a jam pan can be a really good addition to your cookware arsenal. If you’re more of a chef, you can use it to cook stews, soups and a great deal more.

Most jam pans are safe to use on all hob types but can also go in the oven and even the grill if you have space in there. So, they can be even more versatile than your regular saucepan.

We know that buying a massive saucepan is a big deal, especially if you don’t have much storage space in your kitchen. Plus, if you’re just getting into jam making, that is valuable space for a pan you may only use once a year to take up.

Don’t worry, though, a jam pan is fantastically versatile, and you’ll use it all the time whether you are a baker, chocolatier or a chef.



Jam pans are awesome and can be a very versatile and awesome piece of cookware for just about anyone.

The Penguin jam pan above is an amazing bit of kit, and it looks very similar to the Le Creuset one but for a fraction of the price, so that is certainly the one we’d go for.

If you have other cooking questions you want answers to, or you just fancy window shopping for some new saucepans or a new cooker, we have everything you need here at Chef’s Pick.

So do check out the rest of our cooking and cookware lists before you head into the kitchen and use your new jam pan.