Do Copper Pans Work on Induction?

Do Copper Pans Work on Induction

If you’re a fan of induction hobs and copper pans, you’re likely wondering if you can use these two awesome pieces of kitchen equipment together.

Just like all cooking questions that we answer on Chef’s Pick, this one is tricky. So, let’s delve deep into whether copper pans work on induction or not, shall we?


Do Copper Pans Work on Induction?

Traditional copper pans that are made completely out of copper will not work on induction hobs.

While copper is one of the best metals for heating up quickly, it is a non-ferrous metal (it isn’t magnetic). For a pan to work on an induction hob, it must be made from a ferrous (magnetic) material.

If it isn’t, when you place the pan on the hob, the coil underneath the stovetop won’t pass any electricity through the pan, so it won’t heat up.

Having said all that, there are copper pans available that do work on induction hobs. In fact, a lot of the copper pans on the market at the moment will work on induction hobs due to their construction.

Several of the products mentioned in our guide to the best copper pans are induction compatible.

How Do Copper Pans Work on Induction

Many copper pans nowadays have a ferrous bottom. This metal is either steel or a magnetic grade of stainless steel. If the copper pans you’re looking to buy do have a bottom made from ferrous metal, then they will work on an induction hob.

There are also some copper pans that have a stainless-steel inner lining. Copper pans of the past used to have a tin lining that often needed to be re-tinned, which isn’t too practical in the modern-day. So, manufacturers have replaced the tin with stainless steel.

Most of these copper pans will not work on an induction hob unless they also have a ferrous metal on the base. As the outside of these pans are thick copper, the hob won’t recognise the stainless steel underneath.


Is There a Way to Make Traditional Copper Pans Work on an Induction Hob?

Many cooks love using copper pans, and we can really see why. The heat control they offer is nearly unbeatable, and they look amazing after a few uses. Plus, if you’ve already got copper pans, you don’t really want to throw them away instead of using them.

Copper pans are expensive! Thankfully, there is a way to use copper pans on induction hobs.

Make Traditional Copper Pans Work on an Induction Hob

Using an induction hob pan converter such as this one available on Amazon allows you to use any pan on your induction hob. You can use all of your copper pans once again.

However, a lot of people who have tried these converters don’t get on with them too well. They find that the pans don’t get as hot as they should, and many users end up buying new pans anyway.

Still, these pan converters are really cheap, so it’s worth giving one a go before you invest in lovely new pans. Simply place the pan converter on the hob and then the pan on top of that. The electricity will flow through the pan converter into the pan and heat it up.



A traditional copper pan made solely from copper that has been tinned or lined with stainless steel or aluminium will not work on an induction hob.

However, any copper pan with a steel base will work on an induction hob. Plus, using an induction hob pan converter will allow you to use your copper pans on an induction hob too.

We hope this look at and copper pans and induction hobs has been helpful. We love induction hobs and have loads of articles singing their praises which are well worth reading if you’re looking into induction hobs.

We also have plenty of articles about pans for induction hobs if you want to invest in some quality pans to use without a converter.