Best Copper Pans (UK)

Copper pans

Finding the best saucepans and frying pans in the UK can be a real challenge. That’s why we decided to write this article – to make it easy!

So, grab a cuppa and enjoy the best copper pans in the UK right now. If you want to know more about what copper saucepans and frying pans actually, read the FAQs at the end of this article.

As there aren’t many manufacturers in the UK offering excellent copper pans. That’s why we have decided to focus on manufacturers rather than individual pots and pans themselves.

These copper cookware creators have not sponsored us to say these kind words. They simply make amazing copper cookware that deserves some attention.


The Best Copper Pans in the UK

1. Baumalu

Baumalu 201026 Saucepan 20 cm Copper

Since 1971, Baumalu has been making copper cookware. They also make cast iron skillets. Still, they’re mainly known for their exceptional copper creations.

This copper saucepan is specially designed for gas hobs and is available with either a 12 cm or 20 cm diameter.

Baumalu still operates and makes all of their saucepans in France, and they still have a very handmade, yet professional feel about them. They have hand-forged handles, and all of the pans feel nice and heavy, even the 12 cm one.

Baumalu is still one of the industry leaders when it comes to copper pans. They create robust copper pans that, when treated well, will serve you and your family for many years of cooking bliss.


2. Samuel Groves

Samuel Groves copper frying pan

Samuel Groves is a Birmingham-based cookware manufacturer that started in 1817. They make cookware using a range of materials including not just copper but also stainless steel, enamelled cast iron and aluminium.

Samuel Groves produce quite a large range of copper cookware including saute pans, frying pans, paella pans, casserole pans, jam pans and chef’s pans. It’s not cheap, but their products are very high quality and made with premium materials.

The saucepan set shown here offers three copper-plated saucepans measuring 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.

The saucepans are induction compatible and come with stainless-steel lids. They’re also oven safe up to 220°C.


3. John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis and Partners copper pan set

This set of copper-plated stainless-steel pans from John Lewis & Partners is a relatively affordable option.

The pans feature solid copper on the inside and stainless steel on the inside. The set features three pans measuring 16, 18 and 20 cm.

The three pans come with stainless-steel lids and are oven safe up to 220°C. They are induction compatible and offer good heat conductivity.

While these pans might not be quite as glamorous as some of the alternatives from classic French manufacturers, they do offer very good value for money.


4. De Buyer

De Buyer 6206.18 Prima Matera Saucepan with Magnetic Bottom, 18 cm Diameter

De Buyer is a French cookware brand founded in 1830. The company produces a huge range of products including pans, bakeware, salt and pepper mills and cooking utensils.

The induction-compatible saucepan shown here is made from 90% copper on the outside and 10% AISI 304 food-grade stainless steel on the inside.

The use of stainless steel removes the need for the surface to be re-tinned (traditionally copper pans had a thin layer of tin on them which would wear down over time).

This pan comes in a range of sizes ranging from 1.2 quarts (20.3 x 14 x 7.9 cm) to a whopping 6.3 quarts (33 x 23.9 x 13 cm). This is one of the few true copper pans that work on an induction hob.


5. Mauviel 1830

As you might have guessed from the brand name, Mauviel 1830 was founded in 1830.

This Normandy-based manufacturer produces a range of premium quality copper, stainless steel, aluminium and black tin cookware.

Mauviel 1830 offer a lot of choice when it comes to copper cookware. This includes traditional tinned copper cookware as well as more modern cookware that uses a layer of stainless steel, removing the need for re-tinning.

The pan shown here is made with a 1.2-2 mm polished copper layer on the outside, with stainless steel on the inside. It measures 18 by 10 cm, with a capacity of 2.5 litres. The Mauviel 1830 logo on the handle adds a classy touch.


What Is a Copper Pan?

When we say “copper pan” we’re referring to the proper, real-deal, type of copper pan. Not the copper pans with the non-stick coating that is actually copper-coloured ceramic coating.

Real copper pans are fantastic. They have excellent heat conducting properties meaning heat is distributed evenly and quickly. This makes them perfect for frying, roasting and just about any cooking tasks.

In addition to that, copper also has antimicrobial properties, which is always a plus in the kitchen!

Most copper pans have a layer of different metal between the copper and the food that you are cooking. This is usually stainless steel or aluminium nowadays. This is because copper can react with acidic foods and begin to break down and get all of this really harsh stuff in your food.

Without the use of a layer of a different metal, copper will certainly flavour your foods in some unintended and nasty ways. It can also really damage your health, so it’s best to avoid copper coming in contact with your food for the sakes of taste and, you know, health!


‘Real’ Copper Pans vs. Copper-Coloured Non-Stick Coatings

I’m sure you’ve all seen adverts about copper pans with amazing non-stick coatings. The ease of which food glides off of this copper-coloured surface makes us all want to grab our credit card and run to the nearest supplier of these incredible saucepans and frying pans.

However, while these copper-coated marvels work fantastically in the adverts, most non-stick frying pans and saucepans will work just as well.

You see, copper non-stick coatings are great and will provide the non-stick properties shown in these adverts for a good amount of time. They are not, though, ‘real’ copper pans.

Most manufacturers of these copper pans use copper for colour alone. Even the manufacturers that are actually using copper dust in their cookware are not adding enough copper to really do anything.

The copper added is such a small amount that you won’t see any of the amazing heat distribution that copper is known for and you can forget the anti-bacterial benefits too.

This means that the non-stick coating of these copper pans is actually just your standard ceramic coating with added colouring.

So, think of these pans as copper alternatives and the real deal as, well, the real deal, just like flavourings in foods versus natural ingredients.

A real copper pan will have a layer, at least, of copper. This layer of copper will help to circulate heat extremely well, and it has excellent anti-bacterial properties too. The downside to copper pans, the real ones that is, is that they are more expensive than the ones with the copper non-stick coating.

Now, there are some copper pans with non-stick coatings on the market that are a very good option. These are made with a layer of copper, so the pans get all the benefits from copper. However, they also have an excellent non-stick coating too.

The pans to avoid are those that claim they have a non-stick coating with copper infused into it. Unless you just like the colour of copper, of course, and aren’t too fussed by all the amazing cooking attributes of it.

Copper Pan Hanging Up

Different Types of Copper Pans

1. Solid copper pans

You can invest in copper pans that are made entirely out of copper. These are extremely popular with jam makers and pastry people. As sugar has a very high melting point, traditional copper pans with a layer of tin in them are no good for melting sugar (the tin would melt before the sugar). So, in this case, a solid copper pan can be used.


2. Copper pans with a ceramic coating

There are also copper pans with ceramic coatings that take advantage of both materials really well. These ceramic copper pans usually have an outer layer of copper.

Then an inner layer of tin or stainless steel that is then coated in a non-stick ceramic coating of the company’s choice. These copper pans tend to be the cheapest way of getting copper into the kitchen and work very well.


3. Copper and stainless-steel pans

Finally, there are copper pans that take advantage of the amazing properties of stainless steel. Once again, these copper pans have a layer of copper on the outside and a stainless-steel layer to finish things off.

You get all the benefits of copper, but the natural non-stick properties of stainless steel and you’ll be able to use these copper pans on your induction hob too.


Why Choose Copper Pans?

Copper one of the best heat conductors even found. It is five times as good as iron and 20 times as good as stainless steel.

This means that copper cookware distributes heat evenly and very quickly. Copper also holds heat extremely well, which means that having copper pots and pans allows you to use less energy when cooking.

Cooper pans are some of the most expensive on the market, particularly if you want solid copper pans.

However, because of the fantastic heat retention and distribution, they are really worth it. World-class chefs use copper because of how easily you can control the heat during cooking.

They are certainly one of the most enjoyable pieces of cookware to use and can really add a lot to certain styles of baking and cooking.


Do Copper Pans Leech Copper?

Solid copper pans can leech copper into your food. Particularly when cooking acidic food in the pan.

This is why most manufacturers have been leaning towards making copper pans with a layer of copper on the outside and either a non-stick ceramic coating or stainless steel on the inside. This way, you still enjoy cooking with copper, but you can cook anything you like in the pan.

Hopefully we’ve answered your copper pan questions and you know a bit more about the copper pan situation.

Now, if you’re wondering which are the best copper pans in the UK right now, you can find them below! We have included copper pans with ceramic coatings and ones with stainless steel layers too, just to ensure that every copper-lover can find the perfect pan for them!



We hope this look at copper cookware has been helpful. The manufacturers of copper cookware above build the best copper saucepans and frying pans available in the UK right now.

If you want a traditional copper pan, your best bet is Baumalu. They make exceptional copper pans lined with tin, for example this saucepan available on Amazon.