What Is an Induction Saucepan?

Pan on Induction Hob

If you’ve just got an induction hob, you may be wondering why your saucepan isn’t working with it.

Alternatively, you may be surprised to find that the saucepan that you used on your more traditional hob still works fine on an induction hob.

Well, not all saucepans mix well with induction hobs. Many do, but some just simply won’t work. But why? Well, here’s everything an induction hob owner needs to know about saucepans.

Difference Between an Induction Saucepan and a Non-Induction Saucepan

An induction saucepan is basically just a normal saucepan, there is only one difference: An induction saucepan has a base that is designed to work with an induction hob.

This base will work fine with other hobs too, but it is specially designed for induction hobs. As these types of hob work by creating a magnetic field, you need saucepans (and frying pans) that can complete this circuit.

An induction saucepan has a base made from ferrous metal. This means the base of the saucepan has enough iron in it that it is magnetic.

So, when you put this saucepan on an induction hob, it completes the circuit and will begin heating up.

But how do you know if a saucepan is suitable for an induction hob? Let’s find out…

How to Know if a Saucepan is Suitable for an Induction Hob

If you’re looking for new saucepans to go along with your new induction hob, rest assure that most saucepans on the market today are compatible with induction hobs.

In most cases, manufacturers will say that a saucepan is suitable for induction either on the pan itself or in the description of the pan.

There is also a symbol that all cookware manufacturers use to tell you if a pan is suitable for an induction hob. The symbol looks like a loosely wound spring.

Still, if you’ve just ordered an induction hob and now you’re worried that you’re going to have to invest in new saucepans, how do you check the cookware you currently have?

If your saucepans are only a few years old, they may have the induction symbol mentioned above. However, induction hobs were less common a few years ago, and so not all saucepans had this symbol.

Induction Hob Symbol
Look for the induction hob symbol on your pan or its packaging

An easy way to check whether your saucepan is suitable with an induction hob is with a magnet. A fridge magnet will work fine.

Just touch the magnet to the base of your saucepan, if it sticks, the base of your saucepan is made from ferrous metal and will work with an induction hob.

What if the magnet doesn’t stick? Well, let’s explore using a normal saucepan on an induction hob next, shall we?

Induction saucepan

What Happens if I Use a Normal Pan on an Induction Hob?

Nothing. As we said, saucepans need a ferrous base to work on an induction hob.

If you put a regular saucepan on an induction hob, it won’t complete the circuit, and so it won’t heat up.

However, there are ways of using normal saucepans on an induction hob. You can purchase an induction converter disc that will work with any saucepan.

You can get these induction discs, or rings, in different sizes for the different rings of the hob, and they are really inexpensive.

If you like your saucepans and don’t want to invest in a whole new set for your new hob, a set of induction converter rings will allow you to use any saucepans on your hob.

We hope this look at saucepans and induction hobs has been helpful. If you now want to purchase some new saucepans for your induction hob, or find out more about induction converter rings, explore our website further.

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