Best Sauté Pans That Can Go in the Oven (UK)

Man putting pan in oven

A fan-favourite among many cooking lovers, the sauté pan is the versatile gift that keeps on giving.

Deeper and often more robust than the average frying pan, the sauté pan retains its heat in the bottom, allowing you to steam, deep-fry, sear and poach your food easily, safely, and with minimal spitting!

Available in many different shapes and sizes, the sauté pan sometimes comes with two handles, and with or without an accompanying lid. And in case you’re not already in the know, they can often be used inside your oven!

But where to begin finding the best sauté pan that can go in the oven that is ideal for all your cooking requirements? Allow us to help…


The Best Sauté Pans That Can Go in the Oven

1. Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel 24cm Sauté Pan

Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauté pan with Lid, 24 x 6.5 cm, 96202124001000

Dimensions: 24 cm diameter
Oven safe: Up to 260°C
Non-stick: Yes

The godfather of kitchen equipment, Le Creuset was bound to be on the list somewhere! Le Creuset are known for their robust and vibrantly-coloured sets.

This sauté pan is part of their stainless-steel range. It has been designed using a multi-layering technology, which involves stainless steel and aluminium being bound (or ‘bonded’) together to form the special three-ply material.

This material offers the best of both the stainless steel and aluminium world, ensuring you get the best out of your cooking.

The product boasts full and even heat distribution, as well as high sides, allowing for precise cooking and limited mess. It even comes with a precision-pour lip, which can be useful for those loving to cook up a storm without having to deep-clean the kitchen afterwards!

Other benefits include it being dishwasher-friendly and suitable for all hob types, including induction.

One thing to consider when investing in this pan include the cost. Le Creuset is on the higher end of the price spectrum, so unless you’re fairly committed to your cooking, cheaper brands could be worth considering.

Also, the pan handle is stainless and therefore can get quite hot when being used in both the oven and on the hob.

However, if looked after well, this product will serve you well and bring much pleasure to your cooking endeavours!


2. Blue Diamond Ceramic Skillet

Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 28cm/4.3 Litre Sauté Pan with Lid, Non Stick Aluminium Pan, Induction, Oven & Dishwasher Safe Cookware, Blue

Dimensions: 14 x 28.8 x 53.7 cm
Oven safe: Up to 220°C
Non-stick: Yes

If you’re thinking this range gets its name from its colour – think again! This product is actually infused with diamonds… We’re not kidding.

But aside from being super bling, is it any good? Yes. It’s oven-safe, robust, suitable for all hob types (including induction). It also has a sturdy forged base, so it doesn’t warp or wobble.

Also, unlike many non-stick pans, its coating is resistant to scratches from metal utensils, which is always a bonus!

Those worried about the chemicals in non-stick coating: fear not, this one is toxin-free! It contains no PFAS, PFOAS, lead or cadmium.  It’s lid also comes with steam vents and the product is dishwasher-safe.

So, it has a lot going for it, but will it serve you well many a dinner down the line?

A lot of the reviews speak highly of it, but unfortunately, several of them have stated that this product doesn’t last long before the non-stick coating becomes defective and a ‘nightmare’ to clean.

It might only stay fully non-stick for a few months to a year. So this may be worth bearing in mind.


3. Tower T800033 Sauté Pan

Tower T800033 Trustone Pro 28cm Non-Stick Multi-Pan, Stone-infused Titanium, Cast Steel Handle, Violet & Black

Dimensions: 28.7 x 49 x 9.5 cm
Oven safe: Up to 280°c
Non-stick: Yes

This Tower sauté pan serves as a ‘multi-pan’, meaning it’s versatile and great for searing, poaching, steaming, etc.

Made up of five-layer coatings consisting of three-layer violet and black finish, with a superior non-stick coating that requires minimal oil, this pan is ideal for a more fat-free approach to cooking.

The coating is robust, scratch-resistant, and suitable for all hob types.

Its forged aluminium-constructed body will distribute heat evenly while cooking. It’s also dishwasher-friendly and an ideal size for larger families.

Some of the downsides to this pan include its weight. It is quite heavy, which can be an issue for those with a compromised grip.

Some reviews have stated that the lid handle is prone to getting hot, so safety issues may need to be considered.


4. Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Sauté Pan

Tower T800033 Trustone Pro 28cm Non-Stick Multi-Pan, Stone-infused Titanium, Cast Steel Handle, Violet & Black

Dimensions: 50.9 x 29.2 x 10.6 cm
Oven safe: Up to 175°C (for 1 hour)
Non-stick: Yes

The Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-stick Sauté Pan usesThermospot technology, which lets you know when the pan has reached the optimum temperature to start cooking.

It does this by changing colour, so it is ideal for cooking foods at precise heats or timings. Its non-stick coating is durable (and BPA-free), so less oil or butter is needed.

Unlike many stainless-steel pans, this one comes with a plastic handle, so it shouldn’t get hot when on the hob, which can be off-putting when on a pan-purchasing mission.

Its other selling points include: dishwasher-friendly, microwave-safe, compatibility with all hob types (including Induction), roomy but lightweight.

It’s worth noting though that this product has a reputation (despite being non-stick) of being prone to sticking and therefore difficult to clean and the requirement of more oil/butter to avoid foods caking the pan.

It is also only oven-friendly on a low temperature (175°C) and for only an hour of cooking.


5. Zyliss E980069 Ultimate Sauté Pan

Zyliss E980069 Ultimate Non-Stick Sauté Pan with Lid, 28cm/11in, forged Aluminium, Black, Rockpearl Plus Non-Stick Technology, Suitable for All Hobs Including Induction

Dimensions: 53.9 x 29 x 15.6 cm
Oven safe: Up to 180°C
Non-stick: Yes

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the Zyliss Ultimate Sauté Pan is ergonomic and heat-resistant, and comes with a soft-touch handle.

The contours of the handle are soft-grip, and provide controlled handling, even if hands are wet. The surface of the pan is granite, so it’s easy to clean (and is dishwasher-safe.)

Other benefits include being scratch-resistant to metal utensils, PFAO-free non-stick coating, and is suitable for all hob types (yup, you guessed it – including induction!)

It also has two plastic handles, which is handy for oven-cooking.

Some reviews of this product have mentioned that it is prone to warping in the middle.


6. Cooks Professional Stainless Steel Sauté Pan

Cooks Professional Stainless Steel Sauté Pan | Shallow Casserole Dish with Glass Lid | 4.5 Litre Capacity | Non-Stick Cooking Pan | Suitable for All Hobs Including Induction

Oven safe: Up to 250°C
Non-stick: Yes

This stylish and professional-looking sauté pan comes with two small handles on each side (which is great for cooking in the oven with, but not so much for its name-sake: sautéing).

However, it is roomy (30 cm width and a 4.5 litre capacity), which is great for cooking big portions of hearty one-pan meals for the family.

It’s non-stick, suitable for all hob types, and as it’s stainless steel, it’s pretty robust. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

Perhaps its biggest selling feature is that its handles were created to be heat-resistant, despite still being stainless-steel.

Some users of this pan, however, have complained that it isn’t as non-stick as it makes out to be, and is prone to scorch marks – even while cooking on a low temp.


7. Tower T800003RB Linear Induction Sauté Pan

Tower T800003RB Linear Non Stick Induction Saute Pan With Lid, Bonded Stainless Steel Base, Black And Rose Gold, 28 cm

Dimensions: 28 x 47 x 13.5 cm
Oven safe: Up to 200°C
Non-stick: Yes

This super-glamorous sauté pan certainly looks the business with its chic black and rose gold design, but is it practical as well as pretty? Let’s find out…

It boasts a 2.6 litre capacity, so it is ideal for family cooking or one-pan meals. It has also been created using Cerasure non-stick coating, therefore it requires only a small amount of oil for low-fat cooking.

It is made of 3 mm aluminium, ensuring longevity and even heat distribution.

Unfortunately, it isn’t dishwasher safe, and those with induction cookers need to double-check whether their induction type is compatible with this pan set.

Some people find that the non-stick coating chips and doesn’t last very long. The rose gold rimming is known to tarnish.


What to Look for When Buying a Sauté Pan

Modern sauté pans are often a brilliant addition to any kitchen because they are versatile, therefore, they can be used for various different functions.

However, to ensure you’re buying one that will serve you well, make sure you invest in one that is made from heavy gauge material and that the bottom of the pan is thick; this will ensure it won’t be prone to warping and creating large ‘hot spots’ across the surface.

Your pan of choice often depends on your personal needs. For example, the size and capacity will depend on what you use the pan for (and how many mouths you have to feed).

If you have issues with more heavyweight pans (such as arthritis), it is worth investing in a lightweight pan.

Those not concerned with avoiding cooking oils can benefit from a more traditional sauté pan, such as cast iron.


Non-Stick vs. Cast Iron

Both have their benefits, and both have their staunch devotees. Non-stick pans are generally more practical, but because their coating often contains chemicals (and can be prone to flaking), a cast iron pan (if properly maintained) will undoubtedly last you your lifetime.



Cooking has never been easier. Non-stick? Yup. Dishwasher-friendly? Got you covered. Something that looks good enough to forsake a plate and just eat out the pan? Take your pick.

But which is worth the investment? Which one will tick all the boxes and serve you well?

In our professional opinion, the Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel 24cm Sauté Pan is likely to be your best bet. Yes, it’s a little more costly than the others, but you will get your money’s worth… and then some.

Le Creuset is one of the most robust and reliable brands on the market. This pan is also an ideal size (not too lofty or bulky) and will ensure all your cooking tasks are easy, mess-free, and a general pleasure!