Clara Taylor

Clara is a freelance writer and former chef. Though she may have hung up her apron, her love of food and cooking is still going strong! When she’s not whipping up a verbal storm, she’ll be in her kitchen sipping wine and whipping up a culinary storm.

Orange Dutch oven

Best Dutch Ovens (2024 UK)

Dutch ovens have been a useful tool for both indoor and al fresco cooking for the better part of three-hundred years, and are the perfect option for slow-cooked meals, such as casseroles, stews, and homemade soups. You can also roast various foods, and even bake bread… So, it’s safe to say there’s virtually nothing a […]

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cooked liver meat

Can You Reheat Liver?

Liver is one of those meats that divide people – its strong taste, rubbery texture, and potent aroma isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve got some leftover liver and you’re wondering whether it’s safe to reheat it, Let’s find out…   Reheating Liver – Yes or No? The good news is, yes, it’s absolutely fine

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Pouring molasses from jar

Does Treacle Ever Go Off?

It can sometimes be hard to tell if many of our long-life pantry favourites ever go off. Foods that are canned, pickled, or preserved can outlive the human lifespan. But what about our go-to sugary pancake condiment? This article answers the question, does treacle ever go off?   What Is Treacle? Treacle is a sweet

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