Best Blenders (2024 UK)

Blender in kitchen

Blenders are a perfect way to halve the time of your food prep, as well as making healthy-eating a whole lot easier!

With a blender, you can just chuck all those healthy ingredients in together and thirty seconds later – voila! You have the most delicious juices, smoothies, and purees at your disposal!

But if you want to make sure you choose the right one for your needs, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, allow us to indulge you…

This article outlines some of the most popular blender brands and breaks down their strengths and weaknesses to help you find the ideal one for your needs.


Best Blenders in the UK

1. Ninja Nutri Slim Blender and Smoothie Maker

Ninja 700W Slim Blender & Smoothie Maker, 2x 470ml Cups with Spout Lids, Personal Blender, Crush Ice & Frozen Fruit, Silver/Black QB3001UKS

Colour: Silver
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Brand:  Ninja
Item dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 32.5 centimetres

The Ninja Slim Blender and Smoothie Maker is sleek yet powerful, and certainly looks the biz! It is dishwasher-safe and comes with a free BPA-free Tritan reusable smoothie bottle and lid—ideal for whipping up a protein shake and taking it off to the gym with minimal faff!

It boasts 700 W specially-designed Ninja motor blades, with Pulse action pizazz that blends whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, as well as crushes ice.

Owing to its slenderness, it’s ideal if you don’t have excess room in your kitchen, and is easy to clean too. Many reviews speak very highly of the product’s ability. The only complaint being it’s a tad on the noisy side!


2. NUTRiBULLET NBR-0509 600 Series Starter Kit

NUTRiBULLET NBR-0509 600 Series Starter Kit - Nutrient Extractor High Speed Blender - 600 W - Graphite

Colour: Graphite
Material: Aluminium
Brand: NutriBullet
Item dimensions: 25.7 x 14.6 x 23.2 centimetres

Arguably one of the most popular blenders, the Nutribullet looks the part as a reliable, high-tech addition to any kitchen, and is known for its ability to break down whole vegetables, fruits and nuts for maximum nutrition extraction.

Despite Nutribullet not far off being a household name, this product has something of a reputation as being both noisy and leaky, and doesn’t come with settings or even an on-off button (its plug acts as the power control). Other common complaints include it not coming with a lid!


3. Ninja 2-in-1 Blender with Auto-iQ

Ninja 2-in-1 Blender with 3 Automatic Programs; Blend, Max Blend, Crush, and 4 Manual Settings, 2.1L Jug & 700ml Cup, 1200W, Dishwasher Safe Parts, Auto-iQ, Black BN750UK

Colour: Black & Silver
Material: Tritan & BPA Free Plastic
Brand: Ninja
Item dimensions: 19 x 25.5 x 45.5 centimetres

Another Ninja has made the list! This super-modern ‘touch-tech’ multi-serve blender with an impressive 1200 wattage will certainly whiz up your smoothie… and then some!

It also comes with 2.1 L jug, 700 ml cup with lid, pro extractor blade, stacked blade, and even a recipe guide.

The downside to this blender is it is SUPER NOISY! Yes, we know most blenders tend make a racket, but this one has been described as sounding like a mini plane is taking off!

It also has a very bulky main jug and bottom part, which can be a nuisance if your kitchen isn’t very spacious.

You get a few components for your money, but this blender is at the higher end of the price spectrum and probably best avoided if your food prep needs are minimal.


4. Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker with 2 Portable Blending Bottles (600ml), 300W, Green [VBL062]

Colour: Green
Material: Plastic
Brand: Breville
Item dimensions: 13.5 x 13 x 40.5 centimetres

This slender and simple blender is ideal for quick smoothies and sauces. It comes with two detachable jugs that double as drinkers containers (+ leak-proof lids) and a detachable blade. It is also dishwasher-friendly, and is one of the quieter blender ranges.

It is also low-price. One of its major flaws, however, is that the jar-bottle attaches to the blade upside down, so to remove after use you need to unscrew both the jar and the blade.

Unfortunately, as the blade is naturally detachable from the jar, you need to be incredibly mindful that you don’t just unscrew the jar, and thus, end up losing the contents all over your blender and side. Many of the reviews have complained of this issue.


5. Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender

Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender

Colour: Black/Anthracite
Material: Plastic
Brand: Bosch
Item dimensions: 6 x 6 x 38 centimetres

This ergonomic and lightweight hand blender was designed with anti-suction technology to avoid splashes, and comes with its own measuring beaker, making it ideal for soups, smoothies, and purees.

It’s well-liked for its lack of heaviness and lack of noise in comparison with other blenders. The detachable stick blade is also dishwasher-friendly (as is the beaker).

It’s also good value for money and in the low-mid price range.


What to Look for When Purchasing a New Blender

As with looking into any product or service, scouring reviews on the Internet is always a good way to seek out a product in your price range that is sturdy, reliable, and will suit yours and your family’s needs.

If noise is a factor (and blenders have something of a reputation for being on the loud side!), then perusing reviews and finding a product that has been stated to be quiet will likely steer you in the right direction.

It is also worth taking your personal circumstances into consideration. For example, any physical issues that may require using an item that is ergonomic, lightweight, and easier to use.

As with all electrical appliances, it is worth finding one that comes with a good guarantee period, and possibly even insurance to cover any potential issues farther down the line.


Blenders vs Food Processors – What’s the Difference?

Although food processors and blenders have a couple of similarities, the food processor aims to provide you with quick and precise food prep that would otherwise be done by hand or with a non-electronic utensil (both of which would take a lot longer and can be rather exhausting!), whereas blenders tend to come with the standard built-in blade (sometimes it is detachable) and that’s it.

The blender’s purpose is to liquify all that comes into contact with it, such as juices, smoothies, purees, dips, sauces, crushing ice, and cocktails – and that’s it. Food processors on the other hand can be used for slicing and dicing veg, among other things.

Making smoothie in blender

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Blender


If counter space is something of an issue in your kitchen, then it’s worth looking out for one that isn’t bulky or takes up a lot of room. If it can be stored in a cupboard, great, but if cupboard space is also an issue, a blender that comes with more than one jug and/or multiple attachments is best avoided.


Speed settings

Depending on how often you plan on using your blender – as well as what you plan on using it for – it is wise to consider investing in a blender that comes with more than one speed setting.

Certain foods, such as homemade nut butters, can require a bit of oomph, so it is worth looking into a blender that gives you the option to whizz up more tougher foods without the risk of overheating or damaging the blade.


Blender jug material

Blender jugs typically tend to come in either glass or plastic. Plastic is lighter (and safer if you’re a clumsy cook prone to dropping!), but it is notorious for absorbing odours, and will get scratched over time. Glass jugs are typically sturdier, but can be less lightweight (especially when full).

If either of those factors are an issue, you can (for a higher cost) invest in high-quality plastics, such as BPA-free Tritan, which is extra strong and light to handle. It looks like glass, therefore it offers the best of both worlds.


Dishwasher-safe components

Some blenders have dishwasher-friendly parts; some don’t. Washing heavily-staining sauces or smoothies out of blender jugs can be laborious, so if cleaning isn’t your vibe, purchasing a blender where all the detachable parts can go in the dishwasher is likely the best option for you.


Size & capacity

The capacity of your blender is an important focus – especially if you have more than one mouth to feed! One size doesn’t fit all in this case, so here is a brief guide to capacity considerations:

  • Standard size: Most standard countertop blender containers hold circa 48-72 oz of liquid, meaning you’ll be able to prepare drinks for as many as nine people.
  • High-performance: These tend to be bigger and more powerful. Some high-performance blenders can hold up to 145 ounces, so it can be useful for bigger, busy families.
  • Individual servings: Personal blenders hold just 8 -20 ounces, so they can be useful if you’re the only one planning on using the blender.

Making pesto in blender


Blenders are a really great attribute to any kitchen and take so much hassle out of the food prep process, but as with most modern products, there are always so many options to choose from and it’s hard to know which one will suit your needs best.

Here at Chef’s Pick, however, we know what we like and in the case of blenders, it’s the Ninja Nutri Slim Blender and Smoothie Maker that reigns supreme over all its competitors! Its strength, sturdiness, and agility make it our number-one choice, without a doubt.